Prepositions after "accelerate"

"accelerate by", "accelerate to" or "accelerate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 23% of cases accelerate by is used
    Ageing Skin ageing is accelerated by exposure to ultraviolet light.
    The pace of momentum is being accelerated by the practice of early marriage of girls.
    It looks at how progress towards the MDGs can be accelerated by improving aid effectiveness.
    In the fourth quarter of 2011, GDP growth of the region accelerated by five per cent from 4.
    Car drivers accelerate by pushing a foot-pedal, motorbike drivers accelerate by twisting a hand control.
    In many ways, the latter activity has been accelerated by the annual BBC Sound Of poll across the water.
    And, the bulk orbital parameters themselves which can be accelerated by forces other than gravitation, e.
    Many scientists blame the rising waters on melting glaciers, a thaw that has been accelerated by global warming.
    If an electric field is applied to a solid, electrons in the valence and conduction bands can be accelerated by the field and gain energy.
    The market ship has been further accelerated by the growth of pet superstores and the increased development of private label premium products.

    In 11% of cases accelerate in is used
    Inflation accelerated in the West African country to 12.
    The trend accelerated in the early- to mid-19th century.
    In general, graduate studies will help you to accelerate in your career path.
    This is enough nitrogen to sustain a yield of at least 1,000 kg/ha/day of fresh duckweed and is adjusted seasonally as growth rates accelerate in moderate temperatures.
    First, that in the absence of forces a body at rest will stay at rest, and secondly, when a force is applied to an object it accelerates in proportion to the strength of the applied force.
    The worldwide surge in steel prices, which is now accelerating in the wake of the huge iron ore and coking coal settlements Australian suppliers are winning in China, Japan and South Korea.
    China's vast manufacturing sector saw expansion accelerate in November for the first time in 13 months, while a lower than expected drop in US oil inventory also boosted crude prices, Reuters stated.

    In 11% of cases accelerate to is used
    In figure 7b, the buggy has accelerated to 10 mph.
    My prediction is that this rate of cooling will accelerate to 0.
    The WaveRider is expected to accelerate to about Mach 6 as it climbs to nearly 70,000 feet.
    According to our understanding of modern physics no particle can accelerate to a speed faster than light.
    We'll suppose it's a normal pitch, except in the instant the pitcher releases the ball, it magically accelerates to 0.
    In figure 7c, the buggy has accelerated to over twice the speed of the local wind and the kite is howling along in an apparent wind of 24 mph.
    At that point, the hurricane accelerated to a forward motion of 60 to 70 mph, making landfall over Long Island and Connecticut that afternoon as a Category 3 hurricane.
    Yusuf Pathan's late blast of 40 not out helped them accelerate to a score of 162 for four and Delhi closed on 144 for eight in reply, unable to pick up the pace when it was required.

    In 9% of cases accelerate at is used
    Coyote's forelegs to be transformed into ADEQUATE wings while accelerating at 32 feet/second/second.
    It is little wonder that the cost of health care is accelerating at a much faster rate than inflation.
    We felt it was prudent to lower our guidance because spends are not accelerating at the same pace as we anticipated.
    The spacecraft according to Jack Kasher Phd behaved like nothing known natural and accelerated at speeds of 1000? s of miles per second -- something the USA officially, at least can not do.
    Experiments show that all objects in free fall accelerate at the same rate, as noted by Galileo, is the basis of the Equivalence Principle, on which Einstein's theory of general relativity relies.

    In 5% of cases accelerate towards is used
    He accelerated towards the officers, at which point they fired shots at him.
    These electrons are accelerated towards the anodes by the electric field set up between the cathode and anodes.
    The cathode rays so formed were accelerated towards the anode by the potential difference between the anode and cathode.

    In 5% of cases accelerate away is used
    In this sense spacetime is accelerating away from you.
    However it's also possible to think of the frame accelerating away from us, and in GR the two are equivalent.
    We tend to intuitively think of accelerating as accelerating away from some spacetime frame, and indeed in SR this is a reasonable way to think of things.
    If you are confined to the lift, then indeed you could never tell the difference between accelerating away from a point or being stationary in a gravitational field.

    In 5% of cases accelerate from is used
    Model S accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.
    This angle helps in turns and makes it easier to accelerate from rest on to the plane.
    These trends have only accelerated from the 1920s to the present, such that now the line between religion and self-help.
    During the first 35 seconds of the leap it is estimated that he accelerated from zero to 690 miles per hour at supersonic speed for the about 1 minute of the leap that lasted nearly 10 minutes.

    In 4% of cases accelerate during is used
    Usually this consists of accelerating during fast runs of notes.

    In 3% of cases accelerate with is used
    Trying to accelerate with the engine trimmed out will often result in prop ventilation and slippage.
    Even though it has been trashing the environment for a long time (since the inception of markets, accelerating with the industrial revolution ), the problem with what we call capitalism is two-fold.

    In 3% of cases accelerate through is used
    Attract affiliate marketers to your product and receive a secondary boost as your sales accelerate through the roof and off the chart.
    According to market research company Gartner, the worldwide hosted virtual desktop (HVD) market will accelerate through 2013 to reach 49 million units, up from more than 500,000 units in 2009.

    In 3% of cases accelerate past is used
    Jump over the ball with the other foot, and accelerate past the wrong footed defender.
    It accelerated past Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on September 10 and made landfall over Cape Cod as a Category 3 hurricane the next day.

    In 2% of cases accelerate into is used
    Fitch expects that the economy will gradually accelerate into 2013 and 2014.

    In 2% of cases accelerate toward is used
    But, although it is accelerating toward the centre of the earth, it is still TRAVELLING away from the earth - for a time.

    In 2% of cases accelerate out is used
    Consumption spontaneously accelerates out of the common ad unit, drawing on the experience of Western colleagues.

    In 2% of cases accelerate on is used
    Left with no team-mates, Gerrans did well to stay on the wheels as the chase group accelerated on the way to the foot of the climb in preparation for the final, 3.

    In 2% of cases accelerate across is used
    This role needs to be further realised across Europe and the planning and preparation for that should be accelerated across countries.

    In 1% of cases accelerate since is used
    Abbey x x x Thanks so much for writing this - My anxiety began on the same basis, the fear of sick, and has accelerated since then.

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