Prepositions after "assume"

"assume by" or "assume for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases assume by is used
    The invalidity of the Act has also been assumed by Justices of this Court.
    Its completion will be assumed by Stornoway instead of the Quebec government.
    Indeed, individual mp accountability is simply assumed by the Report rather than being proven (or justified).
    Jesus did not come to die as is often assumed by many but to bring the Truth, to explain to men the will of God, his father.
    It's been assumed by many that David Cunliffe's silence was a refusal to endorse your leadership, and therefore a challenge.
    Debts accrued by him are assumed by the family upon a member's death, and, therefore, his material gains are theirs to inherit.
    So the net energy contribution from them is going to be much more limited than is generally assumed by the petroleum optimists.
    The Company, as Herzl conceived it, was transitional, and he assumed that its functions in the new land would eventually be assumed by the state.

    In 17% of cases assume for is used
    But let's assume for now that it is.
    assume for this code that p is in d0: cmp.
    assume for a moment that you are in a major key.
    assume for a moment that someone starts a forest fire.
    Should this happen? Let us assume for a moment that it does.
    No liability is assumed for any errors and/or omissions in the contents of this message.
    Let's assume for the moment that the appalling behaviour is limited only to senior climatologists, and other academics are squeaky clean.
    Option 1 -- Size and Nothing But Size Let us assume for a moment that the training focus is entirely on growth, and not at all on strength.
    But such a position of denial can not be assumed for the Prophet, because it would have to arise from one of two issues that fail to apply to him.
    It has to do with very little information and a blanket statement on the war on drugs that even if we assume for sake of argument that the snippet is true, has nothing to do with the war on drugs.

    In 13% of cases assume in is used
    This isn't the lowly meaning assumed in everyday language.
    I assume in this however that the mediocre team does not have a star player.
    While I am not giving its full context, I hope what is being said here, is not assumed in a way, then taken out of context.
    I immediately felt relieved, and told him that in these matters he was my guru: his prognostications assumed in my mind the status of fact.
    I used to more or less accept her evil genius label myself back then, assuming in my young adulthood that where there's smoke, there's fire.
    In respect of any such claims as mentioned in sub clause (1) of this clause, the Company shall be under no liability expressly assumed in this clause.
    All too often the user story is assumed in haste in a Lean UX environment, particularly when the assumption that everybody understands UX, which most do not.
    What one scientist assumes in a statement by another is that evidence about it has been recorded and can be checked, and that facts incompatible with it have been looked for and not found.

    In 10% of cases assume from is used
    One either accepts such a premise or not -- there is no argument in Genesis that this is the case, it is assumed from the opening phrases.
    But for me, it all focuses on March (a product of us being a bit spoiled by assuming from the start that we are actually playing in March each season).
    You can say something profound without being of divine origin, I'd saying there's no reason to assume from anything written in the bible that it is divine.
    Another implication of the finding is that we are more different to our closest living relative, the chimpanzee, than previously assumed from earlier studies.
    That is, the author assumes from the start that there is a God who created the universe, from which he concludes, unsurprisingly, that the universe is contingent on God's existence.
    Al-Qaeda was wrong to assume from the experiences of Beirut in 1983 and Somalia in 1993 than Americans would refuse to tolerate substansial levels of casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    What was assumed from the Lord's mother was nature, not fault; nor does the wondrousness of the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, as born of a Virgin's womb, imply that his nature is unlike ours.

    In 5% of cases assume with is used
    The male was very nasty, normal I assume with 2 males.
    X XBy the way, agreeing to something with is assumed with any other people, Xisn't the same as having it assumed.
    Keynesian stimulus worked on occasion, contractions worked on occasion, but to be able to assume with absolute certainty which would work in a given context was and remains a mugs game.

    In 3% of cases assume about is used
    assume about hiring a qualified when you are operating on house improvements.
    You genuinely have to assume about the variety of process will work finest for your residence.

    In 2% of cases assume to is used
    This article assumes to much and delivers too little.
    Vorticity is critical to weather and I assume to climate.

    In 2% of cases assume as is used
    It could be assumed as part of the drama of the ' axis of evil.
    I have much more criticism for Ray, who I assume as a former Social Worker has a decent amount of education and life experience.

    In 2% of cases assume like is used
    I assume like me you're a reasonably intelligent, independent and solvent human being in charge of his own affairs.

    In 1% of cases assume within is used
    Now, as we may assume within a person something proportional to the forms (of distant magnitudes ), so, too, we may doubtless assume also something else proportional to their distances.

    In 1% of cases assume of is used
    You may perhaps not assume of getting scary and glamorous at the very same time, but these couples costumes are just that and a great deal more.

    In 1% of cases assume before is used
    Maryland Breast Reduction Scar Free Process By: Gary Musser One factor to assume before your surgery is the detailed consultation on your surgeon.

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