Prepositions after "alternate"

"alternate between" or "alternate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases alternate between is used
    We are having to alternate between the two.
    Each year, the venue alternates between Asia and Europe.
    alternated between trying to sleep and trying not to cry, but lots of tears were shed.
    I'd sharing it as an animated gif file which alternates between the left and right view.
    The Coyotes won the game and spent the next two weeks alternating between wins and losses.
    The X key does a quick central crop and then alternates between a horizontal or vertical crop.
    However, the songs performed alternated between energetic, lively songs and sumptuous ballads.
    The following week they went back to 550 km and then the races alternate between long and short.
    The maintenance of the classification alternates between minor updates and structural revisions.

    In 26% of cases alternate with is used
    Neglect can alternate with periods of authoritarian control.
    Which alternate with each other (alternation of generations).
    On top of all this, he would often be constipated alternating with diarrhea.
    ATR will serve as direct support to Dethklok (alternating with Machine Head).
    The only time that fever came down was with constant Tylenol, alternated with Ibuprofen, at 3-4 hour intervals.
    In the main part of the workout, vigorous exercise should be alternated with periods of less strenuous activity.
    Times of activity succeed times of pralaya, and periods of registered contact alternate with periods of apparent silence.
    Next, row the dumbbell up until you have achieved a peak contraction in the lat and rhomboid, then alternate with the opposite arm.
    I forced down lunch at Cafe Coffee Day, and for the next three days I had crampy stomach pains, alternating with intestinal spasms.
    Rumours abound and, depending on which side of the House of Commons you sit on, waves of euphoria alternate with the deepest depression.

    In 3% of cases alternate in is used
    Most people can alternate in some tasks from right to left, everyone is a bit different.
    World War II put Reagan's Guild involvement in a holding pattern, but he resumed as a Board alternate in February 1946, first for Rex Ingram, then Boris Karloff.

    In 2% of cases alternate from is used
    These signs alternate from English to Japanese.

    In 1% of cases alternate as is used
    Will Fletcher keep his third spot on the depth chart? Stewart and Craig Dahl were alternating as the second starting safety, but Stewart has been sidelined through both preseason games so far.

    In 1% of cases alternate on is used
    As the third alternate on the list, the odds were against her.

    In 1% of cases alternate to is used
    Figure #19 Same screen in last figure, but after it has alternated to Japanese.

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