Prepositions after "alight"

"alight from" or "alight at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases alight from is used
    But at that time, the person inside the van did not alight from the vehicle.
    alighting from the bus, exit the station and walk east towards the IFSC complex.
    Immediately after alighting from the plane, I emailed Aly Khan to get updated of the Kigali journey details.
    Two generals -- Burgdorf, a powerful florid man, and Maisel, small and slender -- alighted from the car and entered the house.
    It got so that every time I alighted from the train to attend a rally in a city or simply to walk along the station platform I did so with some uneasiness.
    Travellers should be especially watchful for pickpockets upon alighting from taxis outside locations frequented by tourists and foreigners, particularly ones on Bole Road.

    In 24% of cases alight at is used
    To alight at the desired bus stations in East Coast.
    The 5,4 Argentinian God set the world alight at a very young age.
    To get to Bedok Bus Interchange, you can take mrt from your nearest station and alight at Bedok MRT station.
    From Koforidua, visitors should board vehicles that are going to Nkrankan or board any Somanya bound buses and alight at Nkrankan.
    Once the raging Governor Herod alighted at the Government House he immediately demanded for Zachariah as the adrenalin in him bayed for blood.

    In 11% of cases alight with is used
    Here's the summary of how the iPhone 5, like every other iPhone before it, will set the world alight with crazy pre-order numbers and customers camping in to be the first owners of the smartphone.

    In 9% of cases alight on is used
    A crow alights on the fence above me.
    The brimstone alighting on a sweet pea is a fortuitous event, brilliantly seen.
    His most famous depiction, a statue by Bellini, shows him alight on one foot, wings at his heels, the snaky caduceus in hand and, on his.
    At length the musician seemed to hit on the right tune; the dancer gave one leap, swung himself down from the rope, alighted on the floor, and vanished.

    In 7% of cases alight upon is used
    For Myself, Individually, I commit my life to Him that made me and may His blessing alight upon my endeavours for serving my Country faithfully.

    In 4% of cases alight by is used
    Plantations and Fynbos burning after set alight by striking workers 3.
    A Hay stack destined for ground cover in new orchards is smouldering after set alight by striking workers.

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