Prepositions after "aggravate"

aggravate by, in, to, as or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases aggravate by is used
    The pain seemed to be aggravated by walking, and was always worse by afternoon/evening.
    This dilemma of ownership is further aggravated by the fact that no one knows who or what Khnum-Khuf was.
    Third, sometimes the situation is aggravated by external interests that wish to de-rail the essential unity of India.
    The problem is aggravated by a lack of government statistics - the Interior Ministry last produced a report on crime in 2004.
    The discrimination against the third gender is embedded in our consciousness and is aggravated by ignorance and insensitivity.
    Sometimes, the condition can actually be aggravated by steps which are designed to control it, such as drinking certain fluids.
    When you have asthma attacks, you may have worse infections of the sinuses or respiratory system that can be aggravated by the flu.
    With these difficult times aggravated by the global economic recession, those undertaking the business are eking a living out of it.
    Prosecuting counsel Bill Wright submitted the offending was serious and aggravated by a history of complaints about Wilson's animal care.
    This conflict is aggravated by the economic policies of some major industrial countries, which have depressed and destabilized the international economy.

    In 5% of cases aggravate to is used
    Caffeinated drinks are specifically aggravating to your acne problems.
    It could also be aggravating to the eyeballs of anyone who has to get beneath it for very long time periods.

    In 4% of cases aggravate as is used
    This is aggravated as the regime runs amok with vast and wasteful white-elephant show case grandiosities.
    It's aggravating as heck to wait, but I'd still 99% sure that we'll get our Season 6, especially after the better than expected news about CBC budget cuts.

    In 2% of cases aggravate at is used
    Together let us ask God's help for the peoples of the Horn of Africa, who suffer from hunger and food shortages, aggravated at times by a persistent state of insecurity.

    In 2% of cases aggravate during is used
    And her health issues aggravates during this month.

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