Prepositions after "amuse"

amuse by, for, to, after or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 83% of cases amuse by is used
    I was amused by messages between son and daughter.
    Sometimes I was amused by snatches of overheard conver- sation.
    Many are amused by Lester's delight in identifying a problem disease.
    I happened to be vastly amused by the pointedness of article by Bradley T.
    I was amused by all the Belfast sinks utilities, not to mention the arm of rain.
    Ok, I actually included this photo not because I liked it, but I was just amused by the picture.
    Feeding giraffes, encountering lions and being amused by monkeys are all part of the fun at this truly awesome attraction.
    The SS were, of course, greatly amused by these practices and encouraged them by showing special favors to some, so as to awaken the jealousy.
    Even then, we are not amused by the tactics being employed to make it look like the President was not aware of the deal, until it became public knowledge.
    He said that with the interest rates of Ghana's bonds being 24%, investors were certainly not amused by Ghana's rating and were thus seeking such a high return.

    In 6% of cases amuse for is used
    In Ireland, however, right across the country there are entertainment centres to keep the kids amused for hours, such as Funtasia in Bettystown, Co.

    In 6% of cases amuse to is used
    The bachelorette needs to be amused to the hilt in a party along with offering her feeling of remaining spoiled anybody can carry her to some club.

    In 3% of cases amuse after is used
    Before dinner they are amused after the manner of their country.

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