Prepositions after "animate"

"animate by" or "animate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases animate by is used
    Sam: Cars are animated by physics, not by artists.
    The 13 faboo eps were animated by TMS is Japan who quit being a service studio in 1998.
    Blogs are to be updated regularly and are animated by people who follow the news permanently.
    His Sinhaja, Berber and African troops were battle hardened after campaigns in and were animated by faith.
    We are honest people, animated by noble sentiments; we are idealists; we wanted to do good; we have loved our.
    Schwarzenegger was immensely popular in his first year in office, animated by dramatic Hollywood-style campaigning.
    The many Arab countries are not peopled by an indistinct mass of millions animated by ancestral hatred of the Jews.
    The restaurants, bars and varied shops are open all year round and the evenings are animated by the cinema and theatre.
    This very waking world of universal expanse in space and time, animated by a universal consciousness, is called Vaishvanara, or sometimes the word used is Virat.
    Henry James ' The Turn of the Screw and Bram Stoker's Dracula are in large part animated by such hidden agendas; and both revolve around notions of female sexuality.

    In 19% of cases animate in is used
    Hobos and sexy veronica lake, animated in glorious fully hand drawn black and white.
    It's a playful, complex psychological disaster movie with dark sexual undertones that happens to have been animated in the eye-scorching style of early-morning kids ' TV fodder.

    In 9% of cases animate with is used
    Finally the foetus is animated with a human soul.

    In 3% of cases animate about is used
    There's something so perfectly rounded and nicely animated about avatars.

    In 3% of cases animate after is used
    Allow animated gif images to animate after being hidden S60 3.

    In 3% of cases animate like is used
    These Flashy TV toons are animated like cut-outs, not as masses.

    In 3% of cases animate onto is used
    Descriptive text and graphics can animate onto the map and relevant roadways can change color so they stand out.

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