Prepositions after "applaud"

"applaud by" or "applaud for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases applaud by is used
    Skill must be applauded by the media and phisicality shuned Comment number 4.
    After all, being applauded by prisoners living and dead is truly a talent you displayed in your election.
    This rehabilitation has been applauded by the United Nations on the efforts being made by the Sri Lankan authorities.
    For this, they were loudly applauded by delegates, but were led out of the conference and stripped of their accreditation.
    He has also arrested several Mahathir-era cronies on charges of corruption, a move which was widely applauded by the public.
    He also arrested several public figures from the Mahathir era for corruption, a move which was widely applauded by the public.
    His film Close-up was widely applauded by such diverse and distinguished filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino, Werner Herzog, Jean-Luc Godard and Martin Scorsese.

    In 32% of cases applaud for is used
    As a pragmatic use of limited finanaces, Hague is to be applauded for the idea.
    Jerry Brown should be applauded for calling on prudence in the Democrats ' exercise of this new power.
    This, if nothing else, is worth looking into, and Wazzu's president should be applauded for asking the Pac-12 to do just that.

    In 9% of cases applaud at is used
    However, audiences generally applaud at the end of the overture and often at.
    The film has been tremendously accepted and applauded at many film festivals all over the world.
    It reminded him that there were times when he felt he was only there to provide an audience and applaud at the end.
    You would have thought so too, wouldn't you? Well then, we'd both be wrong, because while the Exeter audience were applauding at the end, we had another ten minutes to sit through.

    In 7% of cases applaud in is used
    With these severe measures the implementation of the ' White Australia ' policy was warmly applauded in most sections of the community.
    As he warms up on the pitch before the game, he may well acknowledge the thousands in the stands who once adored him, and will doubtless be warmly applauded in return.

    In 4% of cases applaud about is used
    It was one of the things I applauded about southern hemisphere rugby; they would have their provincial/club championship over by the time northern hemisphere teams would travel down to get spanked.

    In 2% of cases applaud as is used
    Another fine example of fungi saving the world (for others see Paul Stamet's fine work, video above) and should be applauded as such.

    In 2% of cases applaud like is used
    There are better things to do on a cold winter night than to watch a president drone on for an hour and more while congressmen applaud like trained seals.

    In 2% of cases applaud off is used
    Both sides were applauded off the pitch by the GNE travelling supporters who numbered a fair proportion of the Tuesday evening crowd of 89.

    In 2% of cases applaud without is used
    Edebee keke so Party members clap and applaud without understanding what has been said.

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