Prepositions after "accredit"

accredit by, to, with, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases accredit by is used
    These private lender must be accredited by their own declaration.
    I've also learned that Invisible Children Inc isn't even accredited by the Better Business.
    The usual route to becoming a member is then to complete a baccalaureate degree accredited by the CEAB.
    It shall further have the power to define the obligations and liabilities of actuaries accredited by it.
    Quality assurance in courses that are not accredited by the MSMT, are within the competence of the provider.
    During my application, one saying I have heard a lot is that, every school that is accredited by ALA is a good one.
    All of the courses required to practice as a solicitor in Scotland have been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.

    In 14% of cases accredit to is used
    The Embassy of Ireland in South Africa is accredited to DR Congo.
    The British Ambassador in Rabat, Morocco is accredited to Mauritania.
    Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Russia, who is also accredited to Kazakastan Mr.
    More than 200 testing and calibration laboratories have been accredited to date.
    NIBSC is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for compliance testing of biological medicines including influenza vaccine batch release.
    One for Bernard, accredited to BoA, the Australian financial sector is now, by market cap, larger than that of the entire Eurozone.
    He became increasingly interested in sunlight and shadow and this perhaps might explain why the famous painting ' The Goose Girl ' was accredited to him.
    Weeratunga told Asian Tribune that this time when the ceremonies were on, he saw more than 50 ambassadors and diplomats accredited to Kazakastan participating in the ceremony.
    Were he to be given a diplomatic passport, that would not alter the situation: immunity from arrest is only conferred on diplomats accredited to the Court of St James's by the Foreign Office.
    When I look back I wonder why nobody told us! ' A BRIEF HISTORY OF A WARDROBE CLASSIC The origins of the little black dress are accredited to the classic designs of Gabrielle ' Coco ' Chanel.

    In 8% of cases accredit with is used
    We are company accredited with ISO 9001, a standard we are proud to be associated with to serve our customer better with excellence and professionalism.
    Once accredited with membership, you will be recognised worldwide as a structural engineer working at the highest level of technical and professional expertise.

    In 6% of cases accredit in is used
    And education which is actually accredited in the current system is more and more expensive every year.
    The seminar is fully accredited in every state that requires continuing legal education (CLE) for attorneys.
    It was recognized by the collective labor convention of journalists in 1991, joined the European Association of Journalistic Training, and became accredited in 1993.

    In 4% of cases accredit as is used
    When Pope Paul VI visited India, Pat was accredited as an official photographer of the visit.
    Mimiko should automatically rule the group out of being accredited as an observer for the poll.

    In 2% of cases accredit for is used
    Online California Traffic School which has been accredited for your area.
    As well as it getting more difficult to be accredited for a mortgage loan, additionally it is becoming more and more difficult to acquire much.

    In 2% of cases accredit under is used
    Any premises that applied were accredited under the programme and received their certificate dependent on their range and quality of whisky.

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