Prepositions after "alienate"

alienate from, by, due, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 71% of cases alienate from is used
    It seemed as if the whole nation was alienated from the state.
    Mass was also in Latin and people were alienated from the message of Jesus.
    But she and Kennedy felt increasingly alienated from the patch of King West they'd lived on for seven years.
    This has led to an incalculable loss; whole generations torn from their famiies and alienated from their own cultures.
    Many of these conscripts did not want to be in Vietnam, and no one wanted to be alienated from his own generation back home.
    It worked; Johnson, who was alienated from his party because of Vietnam, mostly kept quiet during Nixon's 1972 relection campaign, against George McGovern.
    This becomes tragic when people are profoundly alienated from such basic subsistence activities as providing their own food, water, clothing, fuel, and shelter.
    Anarchy is encouraged by the situation where the party is inactive, alienated from its members, the masses and reality on the ground as Kenyan political parties tend to be.
    So, Grosz is really just re-hashing the discourse of aesthetic receptivity (white guys/philosophers are alienated from their capacity to be sensitive to art, embodiment, etc.
    We are everywhere alienated from nature in the real world, but for a time we can feel oddly at home in this unreal universe, where our strengths can always overcome our difficulties.

    In 13% of cases alienate by is used
    He went to Trinity College, Dublin in 1880 where he felt alienated by its anglicised culture.
    For several years, many Americans had become alienated by government leaders who did not respond to their real needs.
    Potential tourists, it suggested, were alienated by perceptions of violence and criminal activity and have been searching for other locations where there was no threat to personal safety.

    In 2% of cases alienate in is used
    She felt alienated in her own country, in her own State, in her own college, in her own class.

    In 2% of cases alienate to is used
    A retired army major expressed similar sentiments and he went on to claim that the people's land in his village, including that of his family, had been alienated to Taib's brother.

    In 2% of cases alienate without is used
    If she does alienate without legal necessity, then, if there be no reversioners, the alienation may be set aside by the Crown taking the property by escheat.

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