Prepositions after "abound"

"abound in" or "abound with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases abound in is used
    Elegant finishings and features abound in this home.
    He says opportunities abound in hydro, gas and wind.
    Examples of this kind abound in the writings of heathens, Jews, and Christians.
    Sadly your government is becoming another missed opportunity that abounds in our history.
    Rajnigandhas originate in Muzaffarnagar while tulips abound in the hills of Shimla and Kullu.
    We can not escape the dangers which abound in life without the actual and continual help of God.
    The ocean near the country's shores abounds in fish, which was caught by Mauritanian, Senegalese and European fishermen.
    This area abounds in rich historical and cultural heritage, including grottoes, ancient buildings and other cultural relics.
    Cases abound in the Communion of people who rose to the rank of Bishop without their fathers being Church agents, teachers or catechists.
    Uniqueness in Maroon communities continues to draw the attention of numerous researchers but distortions continue to abound in Maroon history.

    In 21% of cases abound with is used
    Web sites abound with box office data, production costs, profit estimates etc.
    It is heavily wooded with native and exotic vegetation and abounds with wildlife.
    Bigelow's film, in fact, abounds with formal nods to the fragmentary experience of war.
    The uninhabited islands abound with mineral resources and are claimed by Japan, China and Taiwan.
    Nothing is surprising, after all advertising abound with images of slim, happy and successful people.
    Bangladesh abounds with a large variety of most delicious and mouth watering tropical and sub-tropical fruits.
    His noble life abounds with goodly works and continuous struggle for change, construction and salvation of the Ummah.
    The river abounded with microscopic cells of algae, which can foul the water and, in some cases, sicken people and animals with toxins.
    The declaration that God abounds with love and is filled with compassion is found repeatedly throughout the Old Testament*, being as it were its central theological statement.
    The reserve is home to all the ' big five ' and it is also possible to observe; baboon, eland, ostrich, bat-eared fox, jackal, Cheetah, and the rivers abound with hippos and crocodiles.

    In 7% of cases abound on is used
    Shock, disbelief and denial abound on both sides.
    Questions abound on which officers are being assigned for weekend work and which are not being assigned.
    The report said theories abound on motoring and social networking websites as to why birds are attracted to pooping on some cars more than others.

    In 5% of cases abound of is used
    Tales abound of Nobel Prize winning faculty who have not seen the inside of a lecture theatre in years.
    On the other hand, instances everywhere abound of a very low money price of labour, totally failing to produce an increasing demand for it.
    Flowery descriptions abound of this? land of high passes? in numerous books and reports written by visitors smitten by its rugged beauty and charm.
    Evidence abounds of my other written advocacy for probity, accountability and transparency through in-house channels for all the period I served under former Chairman and later President Rawlings.

    In 4% of cases abound at is used
    East from Bathurst Street Problems abound at the Bathurst Street bridge.
    During its tour of the districts to consult people controversies abounded at all the places.

    In 4% of cases abound for is used
    And like everything in law, these potential consequences abound for both sides.
    With Brazil set to host the World Cup and Olympics soon, opportunities now abound for Chinese companies in the Brazilian market.

    In 3% of cases abound about is used
    Domestically, rumours abound about SRK's alleged intimacy with a top ranking actress which, if true, must also be very unsettling to his wife and to his domestic front generally.

    In 2% of cases abound across is used
    Injuries abound across that back line.

    In 1% of cases abound as is used
    President, rumors abound as to the cause of death and time of death of our beloved late President Atta Mills.

    In 1% of cases abound during is used
    The regular publication of weekly tables by the Registrar-General replaced the rumours which abounded during the first epidemic.

    In 1% of cases abound from is used
    On some days, I'd perfectly content highlighting the inspiration that abounds from other people's creations, and then other days? Other days I want to join in on the fun -- to be my own inspiration.

    In 1% of cases abound to is used
    Rumours abounded to the effect that some foreign powers, overseas Tamils, or both, were to provide military succour for the birth of Tamil Eelam.

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