Prepositions after "agitate"

agitate for, by, against, on or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases agitate for is used
    I will not cease to agitate for change and progression.
    Different groups have been agitating for it to be changed for decades now.
    It agitates for, among other things, full autonomy of Zanzibar within the Union.
    The revolutionaries will be traumatised and promise never to try and agitate for change.
    This diminishes the probability the poor will agitate for change, via politics or other means.
    These people are always agitating for ' more democracy ' until it jumps up and slaps them in the face.
    And it isn't the only country in which religious groups are agitating for abortions to remain, or to be deemed, illegal.
    CB: In the US private prisons are always agitating for more criminal offences, longer sentences and a larger prison population.
    Hence, Obama ultimately places Petraeus in charge of the Afghanistan campaign that the insurgent general has leaked and agitated for.
    Another group also agitated for the instalment of his senior brother Nana Kofi Kaakari who had previously been forced to abdicate and the third group wanted Barima Kwaku Dua.

    In 9% of cases agitate by is used
    The middle class is not longer agitated by secularism.
    We were so agitated by the lack of view, we left about 10 minutes in.
    Mental health is a very emotive issue and people get agitated by discussing it.
    This is the problem we're caught in - being annoyed, pestered, bothered, agitated by spiritual hunger.

    In 6% of cases agitate against is used
    Asian Tribune: Was that the reason for the crowd to get agitated against the Magistrate? Senior Attorney at Law Mr.

    In 6% of cases agitate on is used
    Sometimes Detwiler seems unnecessarily agitated on the mound.
    It has not prevented them from agitating on behalf of terrorists today.

    In 4% of cases agitate in is used
    As we have already indicated, the matter was agitated in the civil Courts.
    Frustrated, a handful of each of the shampoos and the conditioners were taken in a huge bucket and agitated in the presence of a drop or two of water until the froth seemed to lay siege to her room.

    In 4% of cases agitate with is used
    Transfer the sprouts to a big (3 to 4 times the volume of your sprouter) pot or bowl, fill with cool water, loosen the sprout mass and agitate with your hand.

    In 3% of cases agitate over is used
    Even if you don't think you would be talking about it all the time, just have a little empathy, eh? No need to get so agitated over it.

    In 1% of cases agitate as is used
    It makes the customer even more agitated as the customer isn't stupid.

    In 1% of cases agitate at is used
    Ditto with the TDP MLAs who agitated at Gun Park near the Assembly.

    In 1% of cases agitate because is used
    Tuesday, 31 May 2011 Higher taxes on SMS CELLPHONE users are agitated because of unsolicited SMSs by service providers and others who want to promote their product/services.

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