Prepositions after "allot"

"allot to" or "allot for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases allot to is used
    The subsidy allotted to Nova Scotia was approximately $1,468,000.
    Beads, feathers, handicrafts these were the symbols allotted to indigenous people.
    The Chairmanship of Committees allotted to the opposition parties may rotate amongst themselves.
    Study participants were randomly allotted to either the therapy group or even the control group.
    Candidate has to strictly follow the date and time allotted to them in the case of Computer Based Test.
    Under that system, for every seat allotted to the four major clans, a coalition of minority clans received half.
    Ninety percent of the time should be allotted to the rescue efforts, with the remaining 10% going into the investigation.
    On reaching our hotel we would find one or two of the elevators making express runs to the floor allotted to the Eisenhower party.
    He used 40 minutes of the hour allotted to him to rebuke the Nobel Pri-ze winner for all kinds of sins of omission and co-mmission.
    In many cases the land allotted to the First Nations was simply the only remaining land in the area that had not been claimed by settlers.

    In 25% of cases allot for is used
    More land will be allotted for establishing clusters of garment factories.
    This is exclusive of the amount of points allotted for right answers in the Speed or Turbo Zone.
    That's what the add 1 is for - to bring the number of mesh allotted for the first mesh of the row up to 3 dc.
    A company is saved a huge amount of money when the burden of having to allot for labor costs is done away with, as it is handled by outsourcing companies instead.
    Individual time allotted for paper presentations will be 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion, whereas the designated time for workshops will be 45 minutes.
    But you need 3 dc for the first mesh of that row and after multiplying the number of mesh across first row times two, there are only 2 dc allotted for the first mesh of the row.
    allotting for twice the estimated amount of travel time will ensure you arrive on time, and you'll even have a chance to catch your breath, check your teeth for parsley and give yourself a pep talk.

    In 4% of cases allot by is used
    She said Telecom would be checking the notices were valid and then processing them within the seven day time period allotted by the Act.

    In 2% of cases allot of is used
    So we said good bye to allot of our Back-up QB's to replace Favre (some Heisman's ), that the bears would have loved to have.

    In 1% of cases allot about is used
    Congressmen are allotted about P70 million each, annually to fund the House of Representatives in a luncheon meeting in Malacaang on Monday.

    In 1% of cases allot per is used
    The following are the number of pages you are allotted per semester.

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