Common mistakes in English - category Confused words

tat (that) state of art (state of the art, state-of-the-art) works as (like) a charm oedometer (odometer) de jure (du jour) a priory (a priori) buy (by) bar-b-queue instead of 'bar-b-que' overnight instead of 'over night' first aid kid (kit) route (root) of the problem slight (sleight) of hand niece (nice) day etc. 'written in verses (verse)' 'economic (economical) car' etc. 'economical (economic) growth' etc. you're (your) your (you're) not jet (yet) worth (worse) than I wander (wonder) if take case (care) of it admin (admit) ease (easy) ease off (of) use belief (believe) believe (belief) knew (new) I was wandering (wondering) if a through(thorough) discussion etc. wildly (widely) accepted counsel (consul) general diffuse (defuse) bomb diffuse (defuse) tensions where (were) witch (which) is wrong on behave (on behalf) calender (calendar) striped (stripped) stripped (striped) decease (disease) deep-seeded (deep-seated) addicting (addictive) marshal/marital (martial) anus (angus) corral (coral) pubic (public) education etc. Axed v asked Awaiting for - incorrect Missing 'as' in 'as well as or better than' Ascetic acid v acetic acid Architect as a verb Amendable to error 'ally' used in wrong situation 'all the further' is a common, but incorrect phrase Aide in wrong context Adapt to v. adopt to Further ado instead of further adieu buy (by) + gerund verb Dependent minuet (minute) 'Do to the lack of' → 'Due to lack of' 'Do to that fact that' → 'Due to' airplane hanger (airplane hangar) aloud to (allowed to) brake away (break away) ask wether/weather (whether) formally known as (formerly known as) all for not (all for naught) back in forth (back and forth) back and fourth (back and forth) bye the way (by the way) bob/barb wire (barbed wire) et all (et al.) egg yoke (egg yolk) chalk full (chock-full) for sell (for sale) en mass (en masse) in masse (en masse) insure that (ensure that) in vein (in vain) for all intensive purposes (for all intents and purposes) sobber (sober) another (in other) sneak peak (sneak peek) football teem (football team) witch haunt (witch hunt) advice (advise) I herd (heard) opinion/... pole (poll) telephone/... poll (pole) pigeon (pidgin) English/... in the passed (in the past) could of (have) must (most) of during (for) in (on) weekdays in (on) vacation marry (merry) That being sad (said) knot (not) awl (all) await (wait) hard (heart) who than (then) ..., than, ... (then) number or (of) and than (then) from than (then) on ..., than (then) less/more ... then (than) intensive purposes (intents and purposes) take for granite (granted) doggy-dog (dog-eat-dog) one foul (fell) swoop a bold-faced (bald-faced) lie to walk passed (past) a blessing in the skies (disguise) taken back (aback) by marriage (wedding) anniversary Confusion of mars/Mars Confusion of mans/men the flew (flu) zero-sum gain (game) ration or ratio price sensibility (sensitivity) torcher (torture) yourself In a hastily way I as (was) looking flee (flea) market mush vs. much had vs. hard what it (is) the what it (is) happening let is (us) know once a (or) twice Than (Thank) you a pare (pair) of begone (begun) meed (meet) dies vs does writ vs write mater vs matter al vs. all too vs tool fare vs fair no vs know sometime vs sometimes glady vs gladly it vs si ma vs my fore vs for happed vs happened go vs got gues vs guess mange vs manage foud vs found effort vs afford o (to) tor vs to dun vs don't he vs be I vs in writs vs writes carries vs caries road vs rode true vs truth coincident vs coincidence non vs none dod vs did whit vs with mis vs miss rater vs rather loot vs lot we'll vs well are vs our sigh vs sight manor vs manner her vs hear nit vs not manner vs matter bis vs bus confusion of yet alone → let alone roll vs role genera vs general hears vs years mean vs meant Let me trough (through)! deus ex machina ind vs kind sigh vs sign per vs pre me vs be our vs your relieve vs relief corse vs course naive vs native se vs see fir vs fit fir vs for have bean (been) functionally vs functionality peddle (paddle/pedal) bee vs be lear vs learn wood vs would Japanise vs Japanese fee vs free more vs move the later (latter) over time (overtime) whore (wore) personal (personnel) super (supper) extend (extent) since (for) + 'period of time' spilling (spelling) error complains (complaints) everyone (every one) of everyday (every day) nib / nub say (tell) principal (principle) affect vs effect accept/except deer/dear not ad (at) all it seams (seems) prove (proof) coarse (course) side (site) site (side) look (watch) prize (price) price (prize) decent (descent) adverse (averse) alter (altar) were (where) were (we're) sceptic (septic) jib (job) gold (golf) sate (state) war (wart) testes (tested) breath (breathe) chance (change) a setting error massage (message) know (now) no (now) on all over (of a) sudden hear (here) here (hear) give/any/of advise (advice) at a lose (at a loss) lose (loose) loose (lose) shell (shall) we your (you're) to/two (too) late/soon/much too go (to go) by pass (bypass) He is about to (be) executed I will by (buy) this car mother-in-low (mother-in-law) their/they're (there) is/are some/certain extend (extent) He new (knew) quite / quiet already vs. all ready peace (piece) due (do) unclear (nuclear) Untied (United) States rather/other/different then (than) turn of (off) cleanup / clean up rational (rationale) there (their) login (log in) coma / comma precedent / precedence desert / dessert there (their) own 'intend' vs 'intent' 'ad' vs 'add' thing vs. think wright vs. write pic vs. pick they're (their) Blue-ray (Blu-ray) Has (as) far as I can tell He what (would) do it again yo vs. to wont vs. want want (wont) adjective vs. adverb adjective vs. adverb must vs most wen vs. when/we half vs halve barely vs. barley turn it of (off) have bin (been) we vs. be I one (once) had it vs. if confusion of 'an' and 'and' try (trial) and error batter (better) grate (great) ans (and) do vs to off vs of She it (is) happy plain vs plane seem vs seen trail (trial) wurst vs worst sine vs. since les vs. less beside vs besides git vs get hart vs hard retards (regards) blow (below) wan vs want you com (come) he discuses (discusses) his vs he's posess vs possess sen vs send sometime (some time) multiple vs multiply can vs cab/cam hoe vs how shipping vs shopping filed vs field ether vs either no vs not too so(o)n many vs may nigh vs night tab vs tap active vs activate shout vs should to vs two needles (needless) tor vs for food born vs foodborne blood born vs blood-borne air born vs airborne car vs care the vs them is vs us trough vs through dose vs does mach vs much fount vs found well vs will departure vs depart delivery vs deliver choice vs choose ave vs have asses vs assess may vs many/my rote vs wrote rite vs write rite vs right do vs due honesty vs honestly the vs to whit vs white live vs life I vs is doe vs does at vs as event vs even tech vs teach past vs paste lien vs line red vs read on a daily base (basis) week vs weak cheep vs cheap dinner vs diner that vs than seen vs seem curios vs curious don vs done mad vs made eek vs eke bet vs best wither vs either threat vs threaten tree (three) ever vs every tent vs tend tread vs treat I life (live) ad vs as ware vs wear withdrawal vs withdraw cooperate vs corporate other vs others said vs sad goo vs good her vs here seconde vs seconds note vs not ego vs ago cause vs course luck vs lick sees vs seems jut vs just as vs. ask college vs colleague pleas vs please walled vs wallet tankful vs thankful pleas vs please let em (me) know sounds god (good) tuff vs tough de vs the wort vs worth mean vs man peaked (piqued) my attention art vs are
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