Common mistake her vs here

The Difference Between "Her" and "Here"

English can be a tricky language, with many words that sound similar but have different meanings. One common source of confusion for learners is distinguishing between the words "her" and "here." While they may sound similar, they have completely different meanings and uses. Let's take a closer look at the differences between these two words.


"Her" is a pronoun that is used to refer to a female person or thing that has already been mentioned. It is the possessive form of "she." For example:

  • Lisa loves her dog. (In this sentence, "her" is referring to Lisa's dog.)
  • Did you see her car? ("Her" here is referring to the car that belongs to a female person, which has been previously mentioned or is known in the context.)


"Here" is an adverb that indicates the location or position of something or someone. It refers to a specific place or point. For example:

  • Come here! (In this sentence, "here" is used to indicate a specific location, urging someone to come closer to the speaker.)
  • I left my keys here. ("Here" is used to specify the place where the keys were left.)

As you can see, "her" and "here" have distinct meanings and uses. Mixing up these two words can lead to confusion and miscommunication. Remember, "her" is a pronoun used to refer to a female person or thing, while "here" is an adverb indicating a specific location or position.

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her vs here mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Her you can see the full text.

    Here you can see the full text.

  • Incorrect:
    Her you go!

    Here you go!

  • Incorrect:
    Her is the full text.

    Here is the full text.

  • Correct:
    But, her will was invalidated by Parlement in 1274.
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