Common mistake airplane hanger (airplane hangar)

One of the most common mistakes in English usage is the confusion between "airplane hanger" and "airplane hangar." Although these two words sound very similar, they have different meanings.

The Correct Term: Airplane Hangar

Airplane hangar refers to a large building or structure where aircraft are stored, repaired, or maintained. It provides shelter and protection for airplanes.


The airport has a new state-of-the-art airplane hangar for housing private jets.

The Common Mistake: Airplane Hanger

Airplane hanger, on the other hand, is an incorrect term that is often used mistakenly. It does not have any specific meaning or usage in the English language.


Incorrect: The mechanic worked in the airplane hanger, repairing the engines.

Correcting the Mistake

To avoid this common mistake, remember that "hangar" is the correct spelling when referring to a building for aircraft storage or maintenance. A good way to remember this is to think of the word "hang" in hangar, which represents the action of suspending or storing something.

If you are uncertain about the correct usage, you can rely on grammar checkers like Linguix. Linguix grammar checker is a helpful tool that can identify and correct errors related to "airplane hanger" versus "airplane hangar," as well as many other grammar and spelling mistakes.

airplane hanger (airplane hangar) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    These are airplane hangers.

    These are airplane hangars.

  • Correct:
    They had a wedding in an airplane hangar.
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