Common mistake ease off (of) use

Ease off use is a common mistake made by many people, where the preposition "of" is mistakenly left out. It's important to remember that in English, prepositions play a crucial role in conveying the correct meaning of a sentence.

The Correct Usage of "Ease Off of Use"

When we use the phrase "ease off of use," we are describing the act of gradually reducing or lessening the frequency or intensity of using something. This phrase is commonly used when referring to decreasing the usage of certain products or activities.


  • After being addicted to social media, Sarah decided to ease off of its use and spend more time reading books.
  • Josh plans to ease off of the use of his smartphone and start engaging in outdoor activities.
  • It is essential to ease off of the use of excessive force while playing musical instruments to avoid any potential injuries.

As you can see from the examples, the correct usage of "ease off of use" provides clarity and conveys the intended meaning accurately.

However, it is a common mistake for people to omit the preposition "of" and say "ease off use" instead.

Incorrect Usage: Ease Off Use

When someone says "ease off use," it can lead to confusion or misinterpretation. Without the preposition "of," the meaning of the phrase changes, and it may imply a different action altogether.

  • Incorrect: John decided to ease off use his car and take public transportation.
  • Incorrect: The doctor advised Mr. Smith to ease off use prescription medication.

In these incorrect examples, the absence of the preposition "of" alters the intended meaning. Instead of reducing the usage, it may imply easing off the actual object or item itself.

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ease off (of) use mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Increase ease off use.

    Increase ease of use.

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