Common mistake deus ex machina

Common Spelling Mistakes: Deus ex Machina

When it comes to writing, correct spelling is key to effective communication. However, even the best writers can sometimes make mistakes. One such mistake relates to the commonly used expression "deus ex machina." In this article, we will discuss the correct spelling and usage of this phrase to help you avoid this common error.

The Correct Spelling: Deus ex Machina

It's important to note that "deus ex machina" is a Latin phrase that translates to "god from the machine." In literary and dramatic contexts, it refers to a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly resolved by the introduction of a new event, character, or object. However, many people make the mistake of misspelling this phrase as "deus ex machino" or "deux ex machina."

The correct spelling of this expression is "deus ex machina." The word "deus" means "god," "ex" means "from," and "machina" means "machine." Together, they create a powerful phrase that encapsulates the idea of an unexpected twist or resolution in a plot.

Correct Usage:

  • The author cleverly used a deus ex machina to resolve the seemingly impossible conflict.
  • The movie's ending felt forced, relying too heavily on a deus ex machina to solve all the characters' problems.
  • While some readers appreciated the dramatic effect of the deus ex machina, others found it to be an unrealistic plot device.

By using the correct spelling and understanding the definition and usage of "deus ex machina," you can enhance your writing and avoid this common mistake. Remember, accuracy in language is crucial for effective communication.

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deus ex machina mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    But for the grace of the deux ex machina, Measure for Measure would have turned into King Lear.

    But for the grace of the deus ex machina, Measure for Measure would have turned into King Lear.

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