Common mistake tankful vs thankful

Common Grammar Mistakes: Tankful vs Thankful

It's easy to confuse similar-sounding words, especially when they are spelled so closely. One common mistake that many people make is mixing up "tankful" and "thankful." While both words sound similar, they have completely different meanings and applications in the English language.


Let's start by discussing the word "tankful." This word is a noun and refers to the amount that a tank can hold. It is commonly used in the context of measuring liquid quantity or capacity, such as a tankful of fuel, water, or gas. Here's an example:

  • I need to fill my car's gas tank, it can hold up to 50 liters of fuel.
  • Please bring me a tankful of water for the garden.


On the other hand, "thankful" is an adjective and is used to express gratitude or appreciation. It is a way to convey that you are feeling thankful for something or someone. Here are a few examples:

  • I am thankful for all the support you have given me.
  • We should be thankful for the opportunities we have in life.

How to Remember the Difference

Remembering the difference between "tankful" and "thankful" can be as simple as understanding their meanings. One refers to the measurement of something held in a tank, while the other is about expressing gratitude. Here's a little trick to help remember:

Think of a full tank of gas (tankful) as a reason to be thankful – you can go on a road trip and enjoy the journey!

Using the correct word in your writing will help you convey your thoughts accurately and avoid confusion for your readers.

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tankful vs thankful mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I'm tankful for your help.

    I'm thankful for your help.

  • Incorrect:
    I'm very tankful for your help.

    I'm very thankful for your help.

  • Incorrect:
    I'm very tankful for your help.

    I'm very thankful for your help.

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