Common mistake He what (would) do it again

Top Common Mistake: He what (would) do it again

One of the most frequent grammatical errors that people make is misusing the word "what" when it should be "would." This mistake often occurs when constructing conditional sentences.


In English grammar, we use the modal verb "would" to indicate a hypothetical or future action. It is commonly used in conditional sentences to express a possibility or an expectation.

However, sometimes people mistakenly use the word "what" instead of "would." This error can lead to confusion or a lack of clarity in the sentence.


Incorrect: He what do it again.

Correct: He would do it again.

The correct sentence uses "would" to express the hypothetical action, indicating the person's willingness or tendency to repeat the action.

This common mistake is easily avoidable by being mindful of the correct word choice in conditional sentences.

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He what (would) do it again mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I what have done it differently.

    I would have done it differently.

  • Incorrect:
    He what do it again.

    He would do it again.

  • Correct:
    Does it matter to you what time we arrive?
  • Correct:
    I will give you what help I can.
  • Correct:
    If this continues to happen after they’ve looked at it what can I do to convince them I need a replacement?
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