Common mistake as vs. ask

Common Mistakes: as vs. ask

One of the most common mistakes in English is mixing up the words "as" and "ask". Despite sounding similar when spoken, they have completely different meanings and functions in a sentence.

The Verb "Ask"

The verb "ask" is used to request information or to inquire about something. It is an action word that requires a direct object.

  • I asked her a question about her plans for the weekend.
  • Can you ask the teacher if the due date has been extended?
  • She asked him for directions to the nearest gas station.

The Word "As"

The word "as" is most commonly used as a conjunction, connecting two clauses or linking a cause and effect relationship.

  • I waited for her as she finished her presentation.
  • As it started to rain, he grabbed his umbrella.
  • She can't come to the party as she has a prior commitment.

Additionally, "as" can also be used as a preposition to indicate the role or function of someone or something.

  • He works as a software engineer in a large company.
  • She serves as the president of the local community center.
  • The cat was used as a prop in the movie.

It is important to pay attention to the context and meaning of a sentence to determine whether "as" or "ask" is the correct word to use.

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as vs. ask mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They as for permission.

    They ask for permission.

  • Correct:
    I as for now don't have anymore questions.
  • Incorrect:
    They can as for permission.

    They can ask for permission.

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