Common mistake 'economic (economical) car' etc.

Common Grammar Mistakes: The Difference Between Economic and Economical

As an English grammar guru, I'm here to help clear up some common mistakes that people often make when using the words "economic" and "economical". These two words may sound similar, but they have distinct meanings that are often misunderstood.

The Difference Between Economic and Economical

The word "economic" is an adjective that relates to the economy, financial systems, or the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It refers to anything that is related to the economy or its study.

For example:

  • "The country is facing economic challenges." (relating to the overall state of the economy)
  • "The company is focusing on economic growth." (relating to financial success or expansion)

On the other hand, the word "economical" is also an adjective, but it pertains to being efficient, thrifty, or cost-effective. It is used to describe something that allows you to save money or use resources efficiently.

For example:

  • "They purchased an economical car to save on fuel costs." (referring to a car that is fuel-efficient)
  • "Using energy-saving appliances is an economical choice." (highlighting the cost-effectiveness of energy-saving appliances)

Common Mistakes: Economic vs. Economical

One common mistake is using "economic" when "economical" is the appropriate word. People often use "economic" when indicating something that is affordable or cost-effective. For instance, saying "economic car" instead of "economical car".

Another mistake is the incorrect use of "economical" when "economic" is the correct choice. People may say "economical growth" instead of "economic growth".

If you find yourself unsure which word to use, remember:

  • "Economic" refers to anything related to the economy or its study.
  • "Economical" refers to something that is efficient or cost-effective.

Using the correct word can make a significant difference in conveying your intended meaning.

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'economic (economical) car' etc. mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    This is a very economic car.

    This is a very economical car.

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