Common mistake another (in other)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Another vs. In other

When writing, it's easy to make mistakes, especially with words that sound similar or look alike. One commonly confused pair of words is 'another' and 'in other.'


'Another' is a determiner that is used to indicate an additional or different one, similar to 'one more.' It is often used before a singular noun.

For example:

  • I'd like another piece of cake, please.
  • She bought another shirt from the store.

In other

'In other' is a phrase that is used to introduce additional information or to clarify a previous statement. It is typically followed by the word 'words.'

For example:

  • In other words, he is saying that we should start over.
  • She was late, in other words, she missed the bus.

So, when should you use 'another' and when should you use 'in other'? Remember that 'another' is used to refer to an additional item, while 'in other' is used to add clarification or provide additional information.

If you want to avoid the confusion between these two words, you can use a grammar checker tool like Linguix. Linguix not only corrects grammatical errors but also provides useful suggestions for improving your writing.

another (in other) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Let me say this another words.

    Let me say this in other words.

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