Common mistake in (on) vacation

When it comes to talking about taking time off from work or school, the correct phrase to use is "on vacation," not "in vacation." While the preposition "in" is used to describe being inside or within something, the preposition "on" is used to indicate being physically positioned on top of something or being engaged in a particular activity.

Using "on" instead of "in"

Here are some examples of how to properly use the phrase "on vacation" in sentences:

  • I'm going on vacation next week to Hawaii.
  • We usually go on vacation during the summer months.
  • She's not here because she's currently on vacation.

As demonstrated in the examples, the correct phrase to use is "on vacation" because it implies that a person is engaging in the activity of being on vacation and not simply within the concept of vacation itself.

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in (on) vacation mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He is probably in vacation right now.

    He is probably on vacation right now.

  • Incorrect:
    I'm at vacation at the seaside.

    I'm on vacation at the seaside.

  • Correct:
    Where did you go for vacation?
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