Common mistake Adapt to v. adopt to

Adapt to v. adopt to

One common mistake that many people make in English is confusing the terms "adapt to" and "adopt to." While they may sound similar, they have different meanings and should be used in different contexts.

Adapt to

Adapt to means to adjust or modify oneself in order to fit into or accommodate a new situation, environment, or circumstance.

For example:

  • She had to adapt to the new working hours after changing jobs.
  • The plants need to adapt to the dry climate in order to survive.

Adapt to emphasizes the act of changing oneself to cope with changes around them.

Adopt to

Adopt to is incorrect and does not exist in standard English usage. The correct term to use in this context is adapt to.

While many people may mistakenly use "adopt to" thinking it has a similar meaning to "adapt to," it is not grammatically correct.

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Adapt to v. adopt to mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Maybe you will need time to adopt to the situation.

    Maybe you will need time to adapt to the situation.

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