Common mistake on a daily base (basis)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Using "Base" vs "Basis"

When it comes to the English language, we often come across words that sound similar but have different meanings. One such pair of words is "base" and "basis." Incorrectly using one in place of the other is a common grammatical mistake that can affect the clarity and precision of your writing.

The Difference Between "Base" and "Basis"

The word "base" refers to a flat surface or the support on which something rests. For example:

  • The statue stood on a sturdy stone base.
  • The house was built on a concrete base.

On the other hand, "basis" is a metaphorical term used to describe the foundation or fundamental principle on which something is developed or maintained:

  • The theory is based on the fundamental basis of human rights.
  • We made our decision on the basis of the evidence provided.

Common Mistake: "On a Daily Base"

One of the most frequent mistakes people make is using the phrase "on a daily base" instead of "on a daily basis." The correct phrase is "on a daily basis." Here's an example:

  • I exercise on a daily basis to maintain my fitness.

Remember, "basis" is the correct term to use when referring to a metaphorical foundation or principle.

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on a daily base (basis) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We will do this on a daily base.

    We will do this on a daily basis.

  • Incorrect:
    We will do this on a daily bases.

    We will do this on a daily basis.

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