Common mistake roll vs role

h2>Roll vs Role: Common Grammar Mistake Explained

English is a complex language with many words that sound alike but have different meanings. One such pair of words that often confuses people is "roll" and "role." These words are homophones, which means they sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. Let's take a closer look at each word and how to use them correctly in sentences.


The word "roll" is most commonly used as a verb and has several meanings depending on the context:

  • Roll (verb): To move by turning over and over, like a ball rolling down a hill. Example: "The children rolled down the grassy hill in the park."
  • Roll (verb): To form into a cylindrical shape by pressing or folding. Example: "She rolled the dough into a perfect circle for the pizza."
  • Roll (noun): A small piece of bread, often served with a meal. Example: "Could you pass me a roll, please?"


The word "role" is a noun that refers to a specific function or part played by a person or thing:

  • Role (noun): A character or part played by an actor in a play, movie, or TV show. Example: "The actor wanted to try a different role in his next film."
  • Role (noun): A function or position in a group, organization, or society. Example: "The manager's role is to oversee the daily operations of the company."

It's essential to understand the difference between "roll" and "role" to avoid common grammar mistakes. Using the wrong word could completely change the meaning of your sentence.

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roll vs role mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    If the software update is not working, I can role it back if you want.

    If the software update is not working, I can roll it back if you want.

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