Common mistake his vs he's

Common Mistake: Using "his" instead of "he's"

One common mistake that English speakers often make is confusing the possessive pronoun "his" with the contraction "he's."

The Difference Between "his" and "he's"

The word "his" is a possessive pronoun used to indicate ownership or belonging. It is used to show that something belongs to a male person or animal.

  • Example 1: That is his car. - Here, "his" shows that the car belongs to someone.
  • Example 2: He is washing his dog. - Again, "his" indicates that the dog belongs to the person who is washing it.

On the other hand, "he's" is a contraction of the words "he" and "is" or "he" and "has." It is used to indicate either the state of being or possession alongside the pronoun "he."

  • Example 1: He's going to the party tonight. - In this sentence, "he's" means "he is" going to the party.
  • Example 2: He's been playing guitar for years. - Here, "he's" means "he has" been playing guitar for years.

How to Avoid the Confusion

To avoid the common mistake of using "his" instead of "he's," it's essential to understand the difference in usage and meaning between the two.

When in doubt, remember that "his" always shows possession, whereas "he's" is a contraction of "he is" or "he has."

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his vs he's mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    What is he's job?

    What is his job?

  • Incorrect:
    His a great friend of mine.

    He's a great friend of mine.

  • Correct:
    His The Whole Book of Psalms Paraphrased (1650) was published posthumously by Richard Vines.
  • Correct:
    I can make his a lot better.
  • Correct:
    He is best known for his a cappella covers of video game music tracks on YouTube.
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