Common mistake begone (begun)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Begone vs. Begun

English grammar can be tricky, and even the most skilled writers can make mistakes from time to time. One common error that often occurs is the confusion between the words "begone" and "begun". In this article, we will discuss the difference between these two words and provide examples to help you understand how to use them correctly.


The word "begone" is a rarely used verb in modern English and is mostly considered archaic or poetic. It means to depart or go away. It is often used in a dramatic or forceful manner. For example:

  • "Begone, you scoundrel!"
  • "He shouted, 'Begone with you!' as he pointed towards the door."


"Begun" is the past participle form of the verb "begin". It is used to indicate an action that started in the past and is still ongoing or has been completed. For example:

  • "I have begun my new job and I am really enjoying it."
  • "She had already begun writing her report when the phone rang."

As you can see, "begone" and "begun" have different meanings and uses. "Begone" is more forceful and commanding, while "begun" refers to an action that has started in the past.

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begone (begun) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I rushed to get to class on time, but the lesson had already begone.

    I rushed to get to class on time, but the lesson had already begun.

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