Common mistake air born vs airborne

Common Grammar Mistake: Air born vs Airborne

When it comes to understanding the English language, there are many common mistakes that people often make. One such mistake is confusing "air born" with "airborne." Let's explore the difference between these two terms.

Air born

The term "air born" is actually a mistake. It is not a proper English term or phrase. If you meant to say that something is carried or transported through the air, then the correct term to use is "airborne."


The adjective "airborne" means something that is transported by air. It is often used to describe things like airborne diseases, airborne pollutants, or airborne particles. Here are a few examples of correct usage:

  • The airplane remained airborne for several hours.
  • He contracted the flu from an airborne virus.
  • The city suffered from high levels of airborne pollution.

As you can see, "airborne" is the correct term to use when describing something that is transported through the air.

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air born vs airborne mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Covid-19 is an airborn disease.

    Covid-19 is an airborne disease.

  • Incorrect:
    Covid-19 is an air born disease.

    Covid-19 is an airborne disease.

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