Common mistake les vs. less

Common Mistake: Les vs. Less

One common mistake that many English learners make is confusing the words "les" and "less." While they may sound similar, they have completely different meanings and usage in the English language.


First, let's clarify the usage of the French article "les." In French, "les" is the plural form of the definite article and is used to indicate multiple or specific nouns. For example:

  • Les chats sont mignons. (The cats are cute.)
  • Les enfants jouent dans le parc. (The children are playing in the park.)


On the other hand, "less" is an English word that is used to compare or indicate a smaller amount or degree. It is often used in combination with adjectives, or to show a reduction in quantity. For example:

  • I have less money than I did before. (Comparing the amount of money.)
  • He is less tall than his brother. (Comparing the height.)
  • They need to eat less sugar. (Showing a reduction in quantity.)

It's important to note that "less" is used when describing uncountable nouns or quantities, while "fewer" is used when describing countable nouns or quantities. For example:

  • I ate less cheese today. (Uncountable noun: cheese)
  • There are fewer apples in the basket. (Countable noun: apples)

Overall, it's crucial to understand the difference between "les" and "less" to avoid confusion and communicate effectively in English.

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les vs. less mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It is les than what I expected.

    It is less than what I expected.

  • Incorrect:
    It is les than what I expected.

    It is less than what I expected.

  • Correct:
    Pimentel David, Pimentel Marcia, Computer les kilocalories, Cérès, n. 59, sept-oct.
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