Common mistake mater vs matter

Common Mistake: Mater vs Matter

One common mistake that often occurs in writing is the confusion between mater and matter. Although these two words may sound similar, they have different meanings and uses.


The word "mater" is a common misspelling of the word "matter." However, "mater" is actually the Latin word for "mother" and is rarely used in modern English. For instance:

  • She is a loving mater to three children. (Incorrect)
  • She is a loving mother to three children. (Correct)

In the example above, using "mater" instead of "mother" would be incorrect and may confuse the reader.


On the other hand, the word "matter" is widely used in English and has multiple meanings. It can refer to:

  • A physical substance or material, such as water, wood, or steel.
  • A subject or topic of concern or interest.
  • Importance or significance.
  • To be of importance or have relevance.

Here are a few examples of the correct usage of "matter":

  • The matter in the beaker turned blue after adding the chemical. (Referring to a substance)
  • Climate change is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention. (Referring to a subject of concern)
  • Your opinion matters to us. (Referring to importance)

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mater vs matter mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It does not mater to us.

    It does not matter to us.

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