Common mistake walled vs wallet

Common Mistake: Walled vs Wallet

There is a common confusion between the words "walled" and "wallet." While they may sound similar, they have different meanings and are used in different contexts.


The word "walled" is an adjective that describes something that is enclosed within walls. It is often used to refer to cities or buildings that have defensive walls around them. For example:

  • He visited a walled city in Europe.
  • The castle was surrounded by high walled.


The word "wallet," on the other hand, is a noun that refers to a case or small, flat pocket-sized container used to hold money, cards, and other small personal items. For example:

  • I lost my wallet at the grocery store.
  • She opened her wallet to pay for the coffee.

It is important to note that "wallet" is used to describe something entirely different from "walled." Mixing up the two can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

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walled vs wallet mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The king is hiding in a wallet city.

    The king is hiding in a walled city.

  • Incorrect:
    I store all my coins in a Bitcoin walled.

    I store all my coins in a Bitcoin wallet.

  • Incorrect:
    My walled contains three Bitcoin.

    My wallet contains three Bitcoin.

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