Common mistake posess vs possess

Common Grammar Mistakes: Posess vs Possess

One common grammatical mistake that many people make is confusing the spelling of "posess" and "possess". These words may sound similar, but they have different meanings and uses.


Firstly, it's important to note that "posess" is not a word in the English language. If you have used this spelling, it is incorrect. The correct spelling is "possess".


The verb "possess" means to own or have something. It is used to indicate ownership or control over an object or attribute.

Here are some examples of how to correctly use the verb "possess":

  • She possesses excellent leadership skills.
  • He possesses a vast collection of rare books.
  • They possess the knowledge required to solve this problem.

As you can see, "possess" is used to describe the act of owning or having something.

If you are unsure about the spelling or proper usage of words like "possess", it's always a good idea to use a grammar checker like Linguix. Linguix is a powerful tool that can help you identify and correct any grammatical errors in your writing.

posess vs possess mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She posses a nice car.

    She possesses a nice car.

  • Incorrect:
    The ideal candidate will posses one to three years of related business development experience in entertainment

    The ideal candidate will possess one to three years of related business development experience in entertainment

  • Incorrect:
    I didn't posses a car.

    I didn't possess a car.

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