Common mistake wort vs worth

Common Mistake: Wort vs Worth

English is a tricky language, filled with numerous words that are pronounced similarly but have completely different meanings. One such pair of words that often confuses people is 'wort' and 'worth'.


Let's start with 'wort'. It is a noun that refers to the liquid extracted from plants, typically used in brewing beer or making herbal remedies. For example:

  • He added the wort to the boiling pot to start the fermentation process.
  • She used the medicinal wort to make a healing salve for her sunburn.


On the other hand, 'worth' is an adjective that describes the value or importance of something. It indicates that something is good enough to justify or deserve a particular action or feeling. For example:

  • This book is worth reading; it provides valuable insights into the human mind.
  • The concert tickets were expensive, but they were worth every penny.

Many people mistakenly use 'wort' instead of 'worth' in their writing or conversations. This error can cause confusion and affect the clarity of your message.

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wort vs worth mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It's also wort to check this.

    It's also worth to check this.

  • Incorrect:
    Wort reading the whole thing.

    Worth reading the whole thing.

  • Incorrect:
    She said it was wort going there.

    She said it was worth going there.

  • Correct:
    Another common method of energy recovery takes place during the wort cooling.
  • Correct:
    During wort boiling, the humulones are thermally isomerized into iso-alpha acids or isohumulones, which are responsible for the bitter taste of beer.
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