Common mistake decease (disease)

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

Mistake: Using "decease" instead of "disease"

One common mistake people make in English grammar is using the word "decease" when they actually mean "disease". These two words may sound similar, but they have vastly different meanings.

"Disease" refers to an illness or a sickness that affects the body or mind, while "decease" means the act of dying or the state of being dead.


  • Incorrect: She was diagnosed with a rare decease.
  • Correct: She was diagnosed with a rare disease.

By using the correct term "disease" in the sentence, the meaning becomes clear and accurate.

Remember, it's important to pay attention to the specific meanings of words to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Mistakes like using "decease" instead of "disease" can lead to misunderstandings and incorrect use of language.

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decease (disease) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He has a deadly decease.

    He has a deadly disease.

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