English Preposition after adjective start on letter U and How to Use Them

"usual for" or "usual in"? "useless for", "useless to" or "useless in"? "useful for", "useful to" or "useful in"? used to, for, by, in or of? "usable for", "usable in" or "usable by"? "upset about" or "upset with"? "uprooted from" or "uprooted by"? uppermost in, on, of, at or with? updated with, on, for, to or of? upbeat about, on, in, for or after? "up-to-date with" or "up-to-date on"? unworthy of, for or in? "unusual for" or "unusual in"? "unused to" or "unused for"? unturned in, for, on, with or by? untroubled by, in, on, at or about? untouched by, for, in, on or since? "unthinkable for" or "unthinkable in"? untainted by, with, in, amidst or despite? unsympathetic to, towards, about, in or as? "unsustainable in" or "unsustainable for"? "unsure of" or "unsure about"? unsupported by, in, at, for or as? "unsuited to" or "unsuited for"? unsuitable for, to, as, in or because? unsuccessful in, at, with, on or for? "unseen by" or "unseen in"? unsatisfied with, by, in, for or about? unsafe for, in, at, by or on? unresponsive to, in, at, for or on? unrelated to, in or with? "unreasonable for" or "unreasonable in"? "unrealistic for" or "unrealistic in"? unprepared for, by, in, at or on? unprecedented in, for, at, with or since? "unpopular with" or "unpopular in"? "unpleasant for" or "unpleasant to"? unperturbed by, about, with, in or as? unparalleled in, by, to, for or among? unpaid for, on, after, in or by? "unnoticed by" or "unnoticed in"? "unnecessary for" or "unnecessary in"? unmoved by, in, at, on or as? unmindful of, about, in or to? "unmatched in" or "unmatched by"? "unlucky in", "unlucky for" or "unlucky with"? unlikely to, in, for, of or at? unlike in, with, at, on or for? "unlawful for", "unlawful under" or "unlawful in"? unknown to, in, for, at or outside? unkind to, about, of, in or on? "unjust to" or "unjust in"? universal in, to, for, among or of? united in, at, for, on or with? "unique to" or "unique in"? uninterested in, about, by or with? uninformed about, of, on, by or in? "unimpressed with" or "unimpressed by"? "uniform in" or "uniform across"? unheard of, by or in? unhealthy for, in, to, about or by? "unhappy with" or "unhappy about"? "ungrateful to" or "ungrateful for"? unfriendly to, towards, for, in or toward? "unfortunate for" or "unfortunate in"? unfit for, by, to, as or at? unfazed by, about, at, with or as? "unfavourable to" or "unfavourable for"? "unfamiliar with" or "unfamiliar to"? unfaithful to, in, with, at or by? "unfair to" or "unfair for"? unencumbered by, with, for, from or in? "unemployed for" or "unemployed in"? "uneasy about" or "uneasy with"? "undisturbed by" or "undisturbed for"? undeterred by, in, from, about or after? "underwhelmed by" or "underwhelmed with"? understandable to, in, for, by or as? underrepresented in, at, on, among or by? undefeated in, at, on, for or with? "undecided about" or "undecided on"? undaunted by, in, about, after or as? "unconvinced by" or "unconvinced of"? unconscious of, in, for, on or by? "unconnected with" or "unconnected to"? "unconcerned about" or "unconcerned with"? "uncommon for" or "uncommon in"? uncomfortable with, for, in, about or at? unclear to, about, as, on or in? unchanged from, at, for, in or by? "uncertain about" or "uncertain of"? uncalled for unbecoming of, to, for, in or as? "unbeaten in" or "unbeaten on"? "unbearable for", "unbearable in" or "unbearable to"? unaware of or about? "unavailable for" or "unavailable to"? "unattractive to" or "unattractive for"? unanimous in, on, about, regarding or for? "unaffordable for" or "unaffordable to"? unaffected by, in, for or with? unacquainted with unaccustomed to or in? unaccounted for "unacceptable to", "unacceptable in" or "unacceptable for"? ultimate in, of, for, on or as? "ugly in", "ugly for" or "ugly of"? ubiquitous in, on, across, throughout or for? u-of-in-for-on, at
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