Prepositions after "unfavourable"

"unfavourable to" or "unfavourable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases unfavourable to is used
    Back in Geneva, he put in a report unfavourable to SF.
    The artist soul is not always unfavourable to a gallery.
    This proves rather unfavourable to any budget traveller.
    Second, the international political situation was unfavourable to the working class.
    This community made their exit when they saw conditions becoming unfavourable to them.
    According to some Tanzanians, however, this process has been particularly unfavourable to the local population.
    Much had happened that could not be foreseen page 41 and the balance was not wholly unfavourable to British arms.
    In no part of the world has a religion ever existed more unfavourable to the moral and intellectual health of our race.
    Why, for instance, is the fossil record so unfavourable to the theory of evolution, if Darwinism is true? To quote Stephen J.

    In 23% of cases unfavourable for is used
    This is held to be unfavourable for all good work.
    The summer was wet and unfavourable for their growth.
    In adjacent regions where conditions are unfavourable for R.
    However, it also adds extra heat to the room, which is unfavourable for the sow.
    The wind was unfavourable for part of the day, and the pavement from fair to excellent.
    The use of inappropriate marketing material may be unfavourable for the promoted brand.
    So far, statistics is unfavourable for the GBP; however influence of the external background is clearly stronger.
    The Germans would be less likely to be on their guard on a night when the weather was unfavourable for an attack.
    Supposing that the receipts are equal to the payments, this means that trade is neither favourable nor unfavourable for the country.

    In 4% of cases unfavourable in is used
    Such preliminary conditions may seem unfavourable in a romantic aspect.
    In fact, when a person is obese, that is considered extremely unfavourable in face reading.
    The terms of trade for Bangladesh have been becoming increasingly unfavourable in the recent past.
    Ultimately, I would like it to survive but I think the odds are a bit unfavourable in its ' present incarnation.
    Israel Evaluations of Israel's influence in the world -- already largely unfavourable in 2011 -- have worsened in 2012.
    The French are the most unfavourable in the survey, with almost six in ten (59%) giving negative ratings, followed by the Germans (54%).

    In 1% of cases unfavourable by is used
    The favourable factors outweigh the unfavourable by a considerable margin.

    In 1% of cases unfavourable on is used
    I have seen cases in which a senior executive will ask for reviews and comments before expressing any view either favourable or unfavourable on a proposal.
    I was so determined to make the Jungfrau Railway trip journey that I allocated two days to the exercise just in case the weather was unfavourable on my first day there.

    In 1% of cases unfavourable towards is used
    Some of the newest health research is very unfavourable towards dairy.
    The political aspect of energy supply relates to such things as taxation, costs and laws which may be favourable or unfavourable towards different energy systems.

    In 1% of cases unfavourable with is used
    The comparison is even more unfavourable with such countries as Sweden, Germany, Australia, United States, etc.

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