Prepositions after "uppermost"

uppermost in, on, of, at or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 82% of cases uppermost in is used
    Two questions are uppermost in his mind.
    Obama's campaign might not be uppermost in Rev.
    Let my religious duties be uppermost in my mind.
    He enjoyed meeting them, and he put their welfare uppermost in his domestic policy.
    They are uppermost in your mind every day, which, of course, is what they should be.
    The thought of death in such a relationship can not be uppermost in a person's mind.
    The question uppermost in the minds of today's CIO is how to use IT to drive the organizations ' innovation needs.
    It is curious that the thought uppermost in his mind at that moment was the wish that his cousin Jane could see him.
    The question that arises is whether the rights of the individual or the common good should be uppermost in our minds.
    For most it was ' like going on an adventure ': a phrase that is still uppermost in the minds of evacuees 60 years on.

    In 10% of cases uppermost on is used
    But that's not what's uppermost on their mind right now.
    He was a hurried man, the campaign uppermost on his mind.
    But, of course, making my daughter happy was uppermost on my mind.
    The question uppermost on everyone's mind was how these civilians should be rescued.
    I'd guessing if my home is repossessed, my credit rating won't be uppermost on my mind.
    He knew of the risks but uppermost on his mind was the need to feed his wife and children.
    The question uppermost on your minds probably is how and why we have not been able to subdue a bunch of mere dogs.
    But, in fairness to the man, he had just lost his mother and RTE's Christmas scheduling wouldn't have been uppermost on his mind.
    As we sit here, the kaleidoscope of colours and noises around us, that must also be the question uppermost on everyone's mind as we await.
    And so change becomes imperative if intent - a great desire to be the best cricket team in the world - is uppermost on the list of priorities.

    In 4% of cases uppermost of is used
    Doctors and nurses must have in the uppermost of their minds that this is really uncomfortable for the patient.
    It will be inconsistent with His merciful nature, if He does not respond to our prayer to meet Him, provided it is earnest and uppermost of all desires.
    And the outer two of the upper six are bigger than the pair which intervene between them and the uppermost of all, because they have to assist the lowermost pair in their office.

    In 1% of cases uppermost with is used
    Oddly enough, the thought uppermost with me was that I must shut off that tap before escaping.
    However, to Subroto? s great credit, in all the decisions to be made, the interests of the country and the service were ever uppermost with him.
    uppermost with these efforts is the bank's specialist private business unit called its Unternehmer office, which deals especially with family businesses.

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