English Preposition after adjective start on letter A and How to Use Them

"awkward for" or "awkward in"? "awful for", "awful at" or "awful in"? "awesome in" or "awesome for"? away with, in or of? "awash with" or "awash in"? aware of or about? "awake at" or "awake for"? averse to, in or from? "average in" or "average for"? available to, for, in, on or at? "authentic in" or "authentic to"? "australian in" or "australian of"? attributable to or in? attractive to, for, in, as or about? attentive to, in, without, at or towards? "astounded by" or "astounded at"? astonished at, by, with, about or as? assured of, in, with, on or about? associated with or to? assistant to, in, at, for or during? "assertive in", "assertive about" or "assertive with"? "asleep in", "asleep on" or "asleep at"? ashamed of, for, about, at or before? ascending to, from, into, through or in? armed with, to, by, for or into? "apt for" or "apt in"? "approved for", "approved by" or "approved of"? "appropriate for" or "appropriate to"? "apprehensive about" or "apprehensive of"? appreciative of, for, to or about? "applied for" or "applied to"? applicable to, in, for, on or across? appealing to, for, in, about or of? "apparent in" or "apparent to"? "appalled by" or "appalled at"? "apologetic about" or "apologetic for"? "anxious about" or "anxious for"? antithetical to or in? "antagonistic to" or "antagonistic towards"? "answerable to" or "answerable for"? anonymous on, at, in, for or to? "annoying to" or "annoying for"? "annoyed with" or "annoyed at"? "angry at" or "angry with"? ancillary to, of, with, by or in? analogous to, with or in? "amused by" or "amused at"? american in, with, for, on or to? amenable to or for? ambivalent about, to, towards, in or on? "ambitious in" or "ambitious for"? "amazing in", "amazing for" or "amazing to"? "amazed at" or "amazed by"? "alright for" or "alright with"? aloof from, in, to, of or with? "alone in" or "alone with"? "almighty for" or "almighty in"? allergic to "alive in", "alive for" or "alive with"? alien to, in, from or for? "alert to" or "alert for"? "alarmed at" or "alarmed about"? akin to, in or of? agreeable to, with, for, in or at? aghast at, with, in, by or as? "aggrieved by" or "aggrieved at"? aggressive in, with, towards, on or about? ageing of, in, at, under or to? african in, with, on, from or to? afraid of, for, to, about or in? afloat in, for, by, with or on? "affordable for" or "affordable to"? affected by, in, of, with or through? aesthetic of, in, to, with or for? "advisable for" or "advisable to"? adverse to, in, about, for or of? "advantageous to" or "advantageous for"? "advancing to" or "advancing in"? "advanced in" or "advanced for"? "adrift of" or "adrift in"? admissible in, to, under, for or as? "adequate for" or "adequate to"? adept at, in, with or to? additional to, of, for, in or on? added to, in, on, of or for? adaptable to, in, for, with or of? "adamant about" or "adamant in"? acute in, for, with, at or among? active in, on, at, with or for? achievable in, with, by, for or through? accustomed to, in or with? accurate in, to, for, at or with? "accountable for" or "accountable to"? accessible to, by, for, from or in? "acceptable to" or "acceptable for"? "academic in" or "academic at"? "abusive to", "abusive in" or "abusive towards"? abundant in, with, of, on or for? "absurd to", "absurd in" or "absurd for"? absolute in, for, of, to or as? "absent from" or "absent in"? "abreast of" or "abreast with"? "able for" or "able in"? "ablaze with" or "ablaze in"? abhorrent-to-in-for-of, about
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