Prepositions after "uninterested"

uninterested in, about, by or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 95% of cases uninterested in is used
    Nobody gets uninterested in this show.
    They were uninterested in our presence.
    I've been wholly uninterested in the prequals.
    And he was totally unenthusiastic and uninterested in what Yes were trying to do.
    It was observed that many young people in Hong Kong are uninterested in the genre.
    While she and their 13-year-old daughter Sarah were largely uninterested in the U.
    He saw that they were uninterested in having someone who would show them the way, in having a guide, a leader.
    He said that Forstall often was uninterested in making improvements that would benefit other group's products.
    No pro-life person I have ever met is in favor of rape or is uninterested in the woman's rights and wellbeing.
    It describes senior war planners as having been thoroughly uninterested in the details of the postwar mission.

    In 1% of cases uninterested about is used
    Should anybody be uninterested about his future? Will that be a positive value or quality to be celebrated? That I am not interested in my future.
    I am not sure what has happened in our country, but I see so many young people who are unknowledgeable and uninterested about the rights and duties of citizenship.

    In 1% of cases uninterested by is used
    He was bemused but uninterested by the mistake.
    Enid smiled at him as if she had heard, while Anna looked uninterested by the proceedings.
    The more complicated the system, the more the ordinary person is ignorant and feels uninterested by the tax system.
    This carelessness infects the cast who -- bar Beckinsale -- appear as uninterested by events as the audience will be.

    In 1% of cases uninterested with is used
    If so uninterested with things out of this planet, the thing may seem novel to you.
    So I decided to call up and although at first uninterested with my questions he said my return is in the final stages of processing.
    I must admit here in my first ever blog entry that I have, until now, been completely uninterested with the very notion of a ' blog '.
    I did it all! I kept busy, acted a bit uninterested with a bit flirtation, now he's pleading for my time with blockout times given beforehand.
    They are uninterested with objects or animals larger than themselves, they are without fear; they act like big dogs trapped in a little dogs ' body.
    While he opposes voluntary voting, a problem with making it compulsory is that it forces politicians to pander to the ignorant and uninterested with shrill messages in order to grab their attention.

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