Prepositions after "untroubled"

untroubled by, in, on, at or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 80% of cases untroubled by is used
    His own children are untroubled by sentiment.
    They are untroubled by greed, politics, or lust.
    My eyesight is lousy but I was untroubled by the type.
    Take a rational approach to the problem, detached and untroubled by preconceptions.
    They may be irritated by physical troubles, but they are mostly untroubled by angst.
    He is untroubled by the impact of behaviour that is, by any measure, startlingly rude.
    Visitors can enjoy uninterrupted views of their surroundings, untroubled by motorists who prefer the lower floors.
    Not being of the censorious instinct, I did not complain or threaten but bypassed it, completely untroubled by it.
    Cast Iron Stomach: A person with strong digestion, untroubled by eating or drinking things which would affect others.
    Clarke also pulled with confidence; after a couple of early bouncers rattled him, he was untroubled by the short stuff.

    In 5% of cases untroubled in is used
    They were untroubled in reaching tea at 462-3, with Chanderpaul already on a half century.
    Murray was equally untroubled in his win over Dodig and thousand of spectators walked out before the match was completed.
    Murray was equally untroubled in his win over Dodig and thousands of spectators walked out before the match was completed.
    Szczesny could do little about either goal in truth, and was relatively untroubled in a tightly-contested game of few chances.
    Kaipara Flats were untroubled in reaching the target only one down, with in-form Ray Beamish riding some early luck to score a hard-hit 74 not-out.
    She revealed she even had tests to make sure she was not pregnant but has now recovered and was untroubled in a 6-2 6-2 victory over Hungary's Melinda Czink on Arthur Ashe Stadium.
    Apart from one major scare each, the classy pair have largely been untroubled in a 136-run third wicket stand on a soft Brisbane wicket that failed to deliver the pace for which it's renowned.

    In 2% of cases untroubled at is used
    As the half wore on Newcastle began to look more settled than they had been to start with, but we were untroubled at the back.
    Grade: B Stray observations: Stillman seems awfully untroubled at the thought of his robot wandering the world like Kaine in Kung Fu.
    And I am troubled by the lack of accountability from our leaders who seem untroubled at wasting what we have already paid for and costing us to dump what we might have reused.

    In 2% of cases untroubled on is used
    After 15 overs, they were still untroubled on 84 for no loss.
    His effect was instant as the 42nd minute proved when he moved the ball in front of Fruean and running onto it, he was untroubled on the run to the line.

    In 1% of cases untroubled about is used
    Gracie was fast and wily and untroubled about bashing into people.

    In 1% of cases untroubled as is used
    This was good because Heikki was largely untroubled as the folk of Texas have still to put faces to the names of the F1 drivers.

    In 1% of cases untroubled despite is used
    On that day I could still walk from here to the House of Commons relatively untroubled despite the fact that there were thousands of people on the streets.

    In 1% of cases untroubled through is used
    David could hardly have been speaking of himself as he both died and was buried and his tomb remained untroubled through the centuries that followed (Acts 2.

    In 1% of cases untroubled to is used
    Chanderpaul, though, chugged untroubled to 150 and even his rate of scoring was constant over the three sessions he batted.

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