Prepositions after "unworthy"

unworthy of, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 95% of cases unworthy of is used
    Don't feel unworthy of this vision.
    That was unworthy of a hidden village.
    I thought it unworthy of an intelligent person, which she had hitherto seemed to be.
    Much of what passes as liturgy today is unworthy of the name, our forebears, and us.
    It is a birth of heaven, a resemblance to God, do nothing below it or unworthy of it.
    I would be unworthy of his illustrious name and a slur on his noble memory, should I leave behind my debts unpaid.
    Particularly, the public is also to be blamed for providing them loving attention despite of being unworthy of it.
    Is it because I am unworthy of your grace? A: Visions and thought-currents are had according to the state of mind.
    Mankind are as ignorant of such divine goodness, as they are unworthy of it; but none so unworthy of it as myself.

    In 1% of cases unworthy for is used
    He felt unworthy for the call of God.
    That is not unworthy for a child if that is God's will.
    Holness was unworthy for leadership because of poor judgements he has shown on several key issues.
    His reference is unworthy for the nature of history because history should be written by historian.
    Its almost like its an acceptance, because I feel I am unworthy for so many things in my life to go right.
    Many crimes committed by women are seen as being of a trivial nature and so are seen to be considered unworthy for research.
    Even after going through that ordeal, you can be told that you are unworthy for pet ownership, for reasons often left mysterious.
    Such profiles are not only meaningless and unworthy for you, but it is also damage the reputation and value of the website's database.
    Still, I don't know that it is unworthy for all (I suspect the NY courts and the ACLU have fully litigated that question to a complete resolution).
    At a time, he was considered a spent material at Stamford Bridge as young coach Andre Villas Boas found him unworthy for a starting place in midfield.

    In 1% of cases unworthy in is used
    Excommunication is their way of keeping the unworthy in line.
    I am unworthy in His eyes but He never failed me and He will never fail me even in future.
    It didn't quite turn out that way as I was rejected and made to feel unworthy in a hostile environ-ment.
    Just as Shakespeare was deemed unworthy in his day, so are films and television programs viewed as having doubtful merit.
    My tears now are of joy because I know and feel that I am a sinner and unworthy in Your presence and yet You still love me.
    The Orange in particular is often deemed to unworthy in comparison to the Man Booker, despite the female shortlist far outselling that of the latter.

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