Prepositions after "unaware"

unaware of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 97% of cases unaware of is used
    Why? I am unaware of the reasons.
    I was unaware of those resources.
    My boyfriend was unaware of this.
    unaware of the troubles, Coumba fulfills her father's wish to look after the animals.
    He, like everybody else was unaware of the truth, not realizing he was a SLAVE to AI.
    The scream is related to him, Mirko knows, even if he is unaware of the transgression.
    Of course, the safety diver -- unaware of the danger, gripped Cameron even tighter and tried to force him to purge.
    It is often overlooked by the British since they are largely unaware of the regulations in place in other countries.
    Adults new to language learning may be unaware of the learning potential of interaction and see it as a distraction.
    unaware of all this, people feel, ' What an in-depth study this disciple has done! He has written such useful books.

    In 1% of cases unaware about is used
    I was unaware about his intentions that are known to him.
    Even the ICT ministry is equally unaware about this issue.
    So, it is not as if the government was so unaware about it.
    Most citizens residing in apartments in India are unaware about all these concepts.
    I have been molested by him as a child but that time I was unaware about his intentions.
    The targeted group under the Act can not be left unaware about the filing of any application which affects them.
    Many families at home were unaware about their situations, as many often pleaded with doctors not to inform them.
    In retrospect we can only be happy that at least the German weather service was completely unaware about it than.
    One of the problems with this issue is that most people are unaware about what cookies are and why they're important.

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