English Preposition after adjective start on letter C and How to Use Them

cynical about, of, in, for or among? "cute in", "cute for" or "cute with"? "customary for" or "customary in"? current in, with, on, at or of? "curious about" or "curious as"? "culpable for" or "culpable in"? crushing of, in, on, at or by? cruel to, of, in, for or on? "crucial to" or "crucial for"? crowded with, in, on, at or for? "critical of" or "critical to"? crispy on, with, without, at or in? "creative in" or "creative with"? "crazy about" or "crazy for"? "cozy with", "cozy up" or "cozy in"? "coy about" or "coy on"? courteous to, in, at, of or with? countless of, in, near, times or from? "counterproductive to" or "counterproductive for"? "costly for", "costly to" or "costly in"? "corrupt in" or "corrupt to"? correct in, about, for, on or at? "cooperative in" or "cooperative with"? "cool with", "cool for" or "cool in"? "convincing in" or "convincing to"? convinced of, by, about, after or at? convicted of, for, by or in? "conversant with" or "conversant in"? "convenient for" or "convenient to"? controversial in, for, of, to or about? contradictory to, in, of, with or for? continuous with, in, for, throughout or from? "contingent on" or "contingent upon"? content with, in, on, for or to? "contending with" or "contending for"? contemptuous of, to, towards, about or at? "contemporary with" or "contemporary in"? constant in, for, at, over or throughout? "conspicuous by" or "conspicuous in"? consonant with, to or of? consistent with, in, across, at or for? "considerate of" or "considerate to"? conservative in, with, about, on or of? "consequent upon", "consequent on" or "consequent to"? conscious of, about, in, at or for? "connected with" or "connected to"? congruent with, to, in, by or on? "confusing for" or "confusing to"? "confused with" or "confused about"? conflicting with, in, to, of or about? "confident in", "confident about" or "confident of"? conducive to, for or in? "conditional on" or "conditional upon"? concurrent with, to, in or for? "concerned about" or "concerned with"? "compulsory for" or "compulsory in"? comprehensive in, of, with, for or to? comprehensible to, in, by, for or as? "complimentary to", "complimentary about" or "complimentary of"? "complicated for", "complicated by" or "complicated in"? compliant with, to, in, by or for? "complex for" or "complex in"? complete with, without, in, by or at? complementary to, in, rather, of or with? "complacent about" or "complacent in"? "competitive in" or "competitive with"? competent in, at, for, with or to? compatible with, for, to, in or on? "compassionate to" or "compassionate towards"? comparable to, with, in, across or between? "commonplace in" or "commonplace for"? "common in" or "common for"? committed to, by, for, in or of? "commercial for" or "commercial in"? commensurate with, to or in? "comforting to" or "comforting for"? "comfortable with" or "comfortable in"? cold in, for, at, on or with? cognizant of, about, for, to or with? "clueless about" or "clueless as"? "closed for", "closed in" or "closed to"? close to, by, in, with or on? clinging to, of, on, as or for? clever in, with, at, about or for? clear to, from, in, of or about? clean up, with, in, for or of? "circumspect in" or "circumspect about"? christian in, for, with, by or to? chock-full of, with or by? chinese in, for, as, to or on? chilling in, with, on, at or of? "chief of" or "chief among"? "cheap in" or "cheap for"? charming in, to, about, with or of? "chargeable to", "chargeable with" or "chargeable on"? characteristic of, for, in or to? "challenging for" or "challenging of"? "certain of" or "certain about"? central to, in, for, at or of? celtic in, for, on, at or to? "cautious about" or "cautious in"? "catastrophic for" or "catastrophic to"? caribbean in, for, with, to or on? careless about, with, in, of or on? careful about, with, of, in or on? capable of or in? "candid about" or "candid in"? calm, in, calm, for, calm, about
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