Prepositions after "unaccounted"

unaccounted for

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 99% of cases unaccounted for is used
    The night is yet unaccounted for.
    He vanished and is unaccounted for.
    Many more still remain unaccounted for.
    Although the amount held in reserve unaccounted for by a policy has reduced to 3.
    Corn admits there are, in fact, about one to two minutes that are unaccounted for.
    If I left the house or the office (or let the phone ring ), I was unaccounted for.
    A parasite like Dov Zakheim had to step down after the Pentagon admitting that $2 trillion is unaccounted for.
    Of the 513 children who have gone missing from State care between 2000 and 2010, 440 are still unaccounted for.
    Meanwhile, the almost P700 million overpriced allegedly diverted from the PDMB project remains unaccounted for.
    In the nearby tiger sanctuary, Ranthambore, with 18 tigers unaccounted for, the total number may be less than 20.

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