Prepositions after "unfamiliar"

"unfamiliar with" or "unfamiliar to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases unfamiliar with is used
    We are not unfamiliar with the issues.
    So I am not unfamiliar with the genre.
    unfamiliar with the show? Shame on you.
    If you're completely unfamiliar with the format, just look at the indeed format.
    It would be quite a trip for a new missionary unfamiliar with the Huron language.
    But players unfamiliar with the conventions and on-screen blood react differently.
    Command and Conquer to have single-player mode G amers are not unfamiliar with the Command and Conquer series.
    This is particularly important as many children will be unfamiliar with the features of the country landscape.
    That said, those unfamiliar with the Avengers universe should ride out the opening act with a glossary to hand.
    The KGB translators on duty were not highly qualified and unfamiliar with the jargon of strategic negotiations.

    In 17% of cases unfamiliar to is used
    Africais not a land unfamiliar to me.
    Your body may look unfamiliar to you.
    The ' erg ' might be unfamiliar to many.
    For someone like me who has only acted, singing and dancing were unfamiliar to me.
    Four examples Don't worry if the chemistry in these examples is unfamiliar to you.
    It was great of course, something so beautifully presented and so unfamiliar to me.
    There are 72 portraits of collectors, some in color and many quite rare and unfamiliar to the mineral community.
    It's happened to me a couple of times before, so it wasn't unfamiliar to me, yet it's the same feeling every time.
    The names of many of the participants are completely unfamiliar to this writer, which is thrilling and terrifying.
    Finally, my patience with their antics run dry when they suspended my account because of reasons unfamiliar to me.

    In 1% of cases unfamiliar in is used
    It was loud and unfamiliar in sound.
    You shouldn't find anything unfamiliar in it.
    This dynamic is not unfamiliar in family counselling.
    But, we are learning to merge the familiar with the unfamiliar in this new normal.
    That is, we see something unfamiliar in the sky that we can't immediately identify.
    I am unfamiliar in the ways of the zap-o-matic oven, but when I tried quickly warming a.
    The Buffalo The water buffalo is relatively unfamiliar in the West but the most important bovine in tropical Asia.
    S: The original mandate for Nuit Blanche in Paris was to transform the city, to put the unfamiliar in a familiar setting.
    But had she waited an instant longer she would have heard a sound from her uncle quite unfamiliar in most of their interviews.
    Something unfamiliar in the pose of the silent figure, something still, solemn, significant about it, made her hold her breath.

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