Prepositions after "unsupported"

unsupported by, in, at, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 82% of cases unsupported by is used
    The claim is unsupported by evidence.
    But this reading is unsupported by and MS.
    You have an opinion unsupported by evidence.
    Rousseau assigned a central place in love to ' imagination unsupported by reality.
    Moreover, it is clear that this is completely unsupported by historical precedent.
    The appeals court found the prosecution's theory to be unsupported by any evidence.
    For now, we can not call opinions, unsupported by serious research and knowledge of events, quality journalism.
    He didn't claim that the virus was the cause of the cancer or anything that was really unsupported by his data.
    There seems to be a strong belief that we should not believe something if that belief is unsupported by evidence.

    In 8% of cases unsupported in is used
    Which is speculative and unsupported in the paper.
    On Earth, this can cause objects and materials to hover unsupported in the air.
    At first I felt isolated and unsupported in my quest, but I soon found I was not alone.
    This means that, at best, Dawkins is making a comparison that is unsupported in the literature.
    I am sorry you have not had faith in your HV and guess you must have felt unsupported in the past.
    Many principals and teachers feel over-burdened and unsupported in the task of sacramental preparation.
    First, in 1984 it was discovered that when the chimney was removed, the upper portion was left unsupported in the loft.
    I'd be alone and unsupported in a country I've never previously visited, with a way of life completely removed from my own.
    It was very popular in the early days of the Mac, but now has been pretty much abandoned and is unsupported in Snow Leopard.

    In 2% of cases unsupported at is used
    Note that VGA is unsupported at this time.
    Edin has been magnificent, even though he's been left unsupported at times.
    While other web browsers may be compatible, they are unsupported at this time.
    I know God is in this, but I still sometimes feel very alone and very unsupported at times.
    I think that to infer orders from on high is bizarre and entirely unsupported at this stage.
    Cantilever Beam or member supported firmly at one end and unsupported at the other, carrying a ' sideways ' load.
    Shopoting boar for profit or fun as you would wish is both immoral and scientifically unsupported at this present time.
    I see that there are more allegations today on 10:04 - Oct 11 by sparks I think that to infer orders from on high is bizarre and entirely unsupported at this stage.
    Video for Flash reaches everyone now, but the format is not an ' industry standard ' so you have the fear that content you will create will become obsolete and unsupported at some point.
    The few African leaders who have demonstrated visionary leadership have been misunderstood and unsupported at home due to naivety and ignorance about the political forces at play in Africa.

    In 2% of cases unsupported for is used
    And depression is largely unsupported for those parents.
    She can sit unsupported for up to 30 seconds but then falls over or lunges back.
    Officially, animated GIFs were unsupported for years, according to Twitter's support pages.
    Good going with the sitting up! J is 7 months now but can still only manage to sit unsupported for 10 mins before falling to.
    If there are problems with the object caching then it's going to be unsupported for this release because I think people are getting impatient to see this out the door.

    In 1% of cases unsupported as is used
    That to send our team out there unsupported as part of a boycott compromises our chance of victory.
    Some six or seven feet above the port bulwarks, framed in fog, and as utterly unsupported as the full moon, hung a Face.
    On the other hand, many people argue that we should go in solidarity; that sending out our team unsupported as part of a boycott compromises our chance of victory.

    In 1% of cases unsupported on is used
    Note that cache is unsupported on ExtraSmall VM sizes.
    This time I cycled solo and unsupported on a 8,300km bike ride across Canada, from Vancouver to St.

    In 1% of cases unsupported to is used
    Chapman (1956) discussed the possible alternation of a branched and unbranched generation in Enteromorpha australiensis unsupported to date by experimental evidence.

    In 1% of cases unsupported with is used
    Because of this it is unsupported with 5.
    Also, being carried like this leaves the cat feeling unsupported with it's hind legs swinging in space.
    But for me to sit unsupported with less pain in a regular chair without the neck brace is really exercise, because my neck muscles have to hold up my head all on their own.
    Taeyeon at 2:00 -- unsupported with no backing at all makes it very easy to tell she is singing live, along with Jessica her mic volume isn't very high so it's very easy to tell she is singing.

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