Prepositions after "aware"

aware of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 97% of cases aware of is used
    I'd well aware of the power of $0.
    Lo! Allah is aware of what they do.
    Allah is Well-aware of what you do.
    If you had not made a big story, not all people will be aware of the available surgery.
    Both sides are aware of the power of the US military and the policy of dual deterrence.
    McCreight is fully aware of his daughter being a mature adult, but that doesn't mean he mustn't love and support her.
    Chavez seems to be aware of the fragility of his movement, especially given the health problems that he has suffered.
    Scott's thoughtless and baseless remark has probably helped make more people aware of the importance of anthropology.
    Kusow is well aware of the gravity of the situation and recommends the international community attack it in two ways.

    In 1% of cases aware about is used
    So we all should be aware about it.
    I bet most of you are not aware about it.
    More than often, we are not aware about it.
    These type of articles make them aware about the consequences of their wrong doings.
    Drivers of vehicles and traffic police should be aware about the rights of the blind.
    People are much aware about the moon since it is easily viewable compare to Deep Sea.
    But a little of them is not aware about the consequences of making a website without perfect promotional campaign.
    Anyone who knows the C of E will be well aware about the divisions on this issue, so it all seems a bit rum to me.
    While shopping around to buy auto insurance policy, make sure you are aware about the insurance laws of your state.

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