Prepositions after "ageing"

ageing of, in, at, under or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases ageing of is used
    The inevitable ageing of our bodies.
    The ageing of the population is marked.
    ageing of plastic or improper use of an iodophor.
    On the other hand, the ageing of society should help reduce unemployment among the young.
    A minor ageing of the immune system may account for it being more common in older people.
    By the time it's bottled the yeast has gone so it has no effect on the ageing of the wine.
    The country already faces a bleak fiscal position and the rapid ageing of the population is compounding the problem.
    The ageing of Australia does not exclude farmers and if anything they are to the fore despite a farmer wanting a wife.
    Those who worry about the ageing of scientists usually believe that the younger they are the more productive they are.
    Hong Kong today faces severe demographic pressure arising from low population growth and rapid ageing of the population.

    In 10% of cases ageing in is used
    Recent social policy statements have sought to re-define ageing in a positive way.
    The first section presents basic information on demographic ageing in OECD member countries.
    Once aired nutty and woody aromas created from the lengthy ageing in wooden casks are released.
    Population ageing acts as the catalyst for ageing in place policy development and implementation.
    A dark, nutty, rich form of sherry that takes most of its flavour from long ageing in an oak cask.
    Red wines are rarely fermented in barrels, but will often spend a lengthy period of ageing in them.
    Click here to read more ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change.
    This seems an extraordinary and contradictory situation at a time of unconditional policy support for ageing in place (ASPIRE 2006).
    Oaky A pejorative taste term for a wine that has been given too much oak treatment, perhaps through unsuitable ageing in new oak barrels.
    I am so pleased to see this process happen and sad that I will not see the fully fermented juice leave the vats and finish its ageing in barrel.

    In 3% of cases ageing at is used
    Written by Paul Mulholland The development of the Centre of Excellence for Successful ageing at St James's Hospital, Dublin, has been hampered as a result of the economic climate.

    In 1% of cases ageing after is used
    Posted by patrick on 10/28 at 10:15 AM I've just bought the book Ten secrets of healthy ageing after reading about the alternate day fasting in the newsletter and on the blog.
    With their increased surface area, these gleaming, top heavy bowsers contrast the estate's 120 year-old massive tonneaus, only suitable for long-term ageing after four decades.

    In 1% of cases ageing as is used
    And above all, it's about seeing ageing as an interesting and productive stage of life, not as a form of illness.

    In 1% of cases ageing by is used
    Cheating ageing by a low-calorie diet, uploading one's mind into a super-computer, migrating into outer space.
    Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from Brian Keating, from the Department for Work and Pensions, on work currently being undertaken on active ageing by the UK Government.

    In 1% of cases ageing on is used
    Watch and share the official World Health Day 2012 video, and join the conversation on healthy ageing on Twitter #AddHealth2Life to be part of the change.

    In 1% of cases ageing under is used
    Dr De Grey said: ' I'd say we have a 50/50 chance of bringing ageing under what I'd call a decisive level of medical control within the next 25 years or so.

    In 1% of cases ageing with is used
    A lot of research and knowledge already does exist on ageing, and is available on the internet by searching for ' ageing with SCI '.
    We were delighted to recall our youthful times and new experiences after SCI, but soon familiarised ourselves with something new we all now had in common -- ageing with SCI.

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